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  • What is farm?

  • land or water devoted to the raising of animals, fish, plants, etc.: a pig farm; an oyster farm; a tree farm. a similar, usually commercial, site where a product is manufactured or cultivated: a cheese farm; a honey farm. the system, method, or act of collecting revenue by leasing a territory in districts.

  • What is farmfarm planning and Enterprise selection?

  • Farm Planning and Enterprise Selection is a electronic slide show oriented toward Oregon farmers, based on materials from the New England Small Farm Institute and Cornell University.

  • Is farming a good line of work?

  • The reality may prompt you to consider another line of work because farming is hard, and farming as a business is doubly so! For many modern-day farmers, especially those running large commercial farms in the Midwest, skills have been passed from generation to generation. This isn鈥檛 the same for small startup farms.

  • What does farmed out mean in a sentence?

  • Verb Phrases. farm out, to assign (work, privileges, or the like) to another by financial agreement; subcontract; lease: The busy shipyard farmed out two construction jobs to a smaller yard. to assign the care of (a child or dependent person) to another: She farms her elderly aunt out to a retired nurse during the workweek.

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