did jake from state farm die

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  • Was Jake from State Farm really murdered by his wife?

  • The website (falsely) reported that the actor who plays Jake from State Farm was found dead in his apartment, apparently murdered by his wife for infidelity: Jake From State Farm first appeared in a television advertisement for State Farm a few years ago, and has since been the center of many internet jokes and memes.

  • Who is Jake from the State Farm Insurance commercial?

  • When State Farm Insurance released its commercial called State of Unrest in 2011, everyone couldn’t help but notice how well Stone spoke out his words. From that time, we have known him as Jake from State Farm. The ad gained so much popularity that the insurance company decided to recreate the advert.

  • Why did State Farm replace the original Jake Stone?

  • The original Jake from State Farm helped make the insurance company TV campaign into a cultural phenomenon, so why did the company replace Jake Stone? It turns out that the new Jake needed to be more of an actor and spokesperson for the company .

  • How old is Jake in State Farm’s’Kakis’2020?

  • In State Farm鈥檚 2020 take on the nine-year-old spot, the same couple is having the exact same argument, but this time, there鈥檚 a new Jake in the mix. Uh, kakis, Jake 2.0 also answers before asking a co-worker, Hey, do they ever ask you what you鈥檙e wearing?

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