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  • Where can I find Don Lee Farms® plant-based proteins?

  • Find the Don Lee Farms brand of plant-based and meat proteins at your local club and supermarket. of spicy. Find Don Lee Farms Near You.

  • Did Don Lee Farms help make beyond burgers?

  • Back before Beyond Meat was the plant-based burger everyone was tweeting about, the firm was using Don Lee Farms to manufacture its Beyond Burgers. Don Lee alleges that it helped Beyond formulate its flagship product using its own family trade secrets while they were partners.

  • What does Don Lee Farms’ victory mean for Beyond Meat?

  • They ruled Don Lee Farms proved the probable validity of its claim that Beyond Meat breached its manufacturing agreement. Beyond Meat鈥檚 CFO and others are now named individually for fraud. Don Lee鈥檚 victory suggests the family-owned company鈥檚 case is valid, and that Beyond Meat may be up against a damaging legal battle in the year to come.

  • Is Beyond Meat CFO Mark Nelson related to Don Lee Farms?

  • Beyond Meat鈥檚 legal dispute with Don Lee Farms is heating up after two judges ruled in Don Lee鈥檚 Favor this week. Beyond Meat CFO Mark Nelson is individually named in the fraud claims.

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