how much is the farmer’s dog

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The Farmer鈥檚 Dog cost is: Around$4 to $5 per dayfor a 25-pound dog Around $8 to $9 per day for a 55-pound dog But, again, this isn鈥檛 exactly comparing apples to apples.

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  • Is farmer’s dog dog food worth the cost?

  • Yes. The Farmer鈥檚 Dog is worth the cost, in our opinion. You get personalized meal plans formulated by veterinary nutritionists to give your dog the ingredients they really need. The recipes are made from real food in human-grade kitchens before the food is frozen and delivered to your door.

  • What is the farmer’s dog?

  • The Farmer鈥檚 Dog, which opened its doors in 2014, was one of the first companies to enter the fresh dog food industry. They learned from Jada鈥檚 experience that just because a package of pet food contains the words 鈥渞eal,鈥?鈥渉ealthy,鈥?鈥渘atural,鈥?or 鈥渙rganic鈥?does not imply that it is similar to actual, fresh food.

  • How much does the farmer’s dog cost for Golden Retrievers?

  • We priced up the cost of a plan for a high-activity Golden Retriever to give you a visual example. As you can see below, The Farmer鈥檚 Dog would cost $121.62 for two weeks worth of fresh dog food or $60.82 with The Farmer鈥檚 Dog鈥檚 initial 50% discount offer.

  • Is farmer’s dog dog food available in Hawaii?

  • The Farmer鈥檚 Dog Information The Farmer鈥檚 Dog is an online-based fresh dog-food brand. Their products are not sold in traditional pet food stores and are instead delivered straight to their customer鈥檚 doors. This service is currently available in all 48 contiguous states but not Hawaii or Alaska.

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