how to get better at farming lol

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To be a great Farmer in LoL, you need to be like atightrope walker. You must walk a fine line in order to succeed 鈥?lean too much to a side and it can be fatal. 鈥淗mm..should I CS or group鈥?鈥?If you focus too much on farming you may miss out on crucial team fights 鈥?having all your items is pointless if your team is dead.

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  • How to farm effectively in League of Legends?

  • To actually farm effectively, you should be hitting a healthy CS per 10 minutes as stated in the above sections. However, you should always be striving for higher, as a larger CS at 10 minutes means a larger gold income for you. To help with this, there is a simple 3 step practice that you can do within the League of Legends鈥?game.

  • How to improve at League of Legends (LoL)?

  • Hit some creeps. CSing, or creep scoring is an integral part of improving at League of Legends. Learning to last hit the creeps is what gives you most of the gold that you need to buy items.

  • How to get more gold in League of Legends?

  • Killing or Assisting an Enemy champion grants a considerable amount of gold. A Bonus is also given for First Blood To reduce the effectiveness of feeders, champions with consecutive deaths give lesser gold.

  • What is the best way to trade in Lol?

  • As the top lane in League of Legends, you are most likely to get a slew of tanks, bruisers, and other close-range fighters. Because of this, understand that your main goal is to soak experience and gold. Trades with bruisers and tanks can be extremely uneven. As such, it is sometimes better to focus on just farming, without trading in lanes.

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