how to make a sugar cane farm in minecraft bedrock

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In Bedrock Edition,bone mealcan be used to instantly grow sugar cane to maximum height. This mechanic can be used to create automatic sugar cane farms. In the shown design,the dispenser can be filled with bone meal to constantly grow the sugar cane.

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  • How do you make a sugar cane farm in Minecraft?

  • Finally, there are two primary methods for setting up a Sugar Cane farm, either using rows or grids. In the row example, players will create a row of water, planting Sugar Cane on either side of the water, whereas the grid formation sees each block of water surrounded by four Sugar Cane.

  • How fast do sugarcane farms grow in Bedrock Edition?

  • Zero-tick sugar cane farms are faster in Bedrock Edition, with some getting at or above 2,000 sugarcane per hour per plant.

  • Can you grow sugar cane on top of a block?

  • The first is that sugar cane can only grow on sand, dirt or grass blocks directly next to a water block, diagonally doesn鈥檛 count. Secondly, for sugar cane to grow up to 3 blocks high, no other blocks can be placed up to 4 blocks above the ground. Sugar cane will never grow against the bottom of a block.

  • How do you enclose a sugarcane farm?

  • Use glass to enclose the farm. When the pistons push outwards, the sugarcane will break and may fly in every direction. To ensure that the broken sugarcane ends up in the water going to the chest, place glass along the edges. For extra precaution, you can also place a glass roof.

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