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Players can make a drowned farm byattracting the drowned to a location and funneling them into one area to be killed. The best way to do this is to find a dungeon room with a zombie spawner. Converting mobs to drowned (Image via Reddit) After finding the room, players should dig into the bottom floor of the room.

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  • What is drowning farming in Minecraft?

  • Players do drowned farming in Minecraft to get tons of different resources. They can get gold, armor, and weapons, including one of the best ones in the game (the trident). Gamers will need a few different resources to reach the drowned mobs.

  • How much space do you need for a drowned farm?

  • One needs at least 6 blocks of space (including the glass) under the water for the light level to be sufficiently low on the platform to let drowned spawn during the daytime. Drowned also cannot spawn on bottom slabs, but using bottom slabs instead of glass for the bottom of the pool makes the farm inoperable. The bottom of the pool must be glass.

  • What happens when you drown a mob in Minecraft?

  • When taking on drowned mobs, players can earn lots of loot that they may use later in the Minecraft world. They will get tons of experience orbs that will increase their enchantment level, thus allowing them to get better enchantments. Drowned mobs are also the only way players will get tridents, which are a rare Minecraft weapon.

  • How do you make a drowning trap in Minecraft?

  • Place Glass blocks in the corner to create the drowning chamber. Any solid block works. Glass panes and iron bars have a space of air that the mobs can breathe in, rendering the trap useless. Fill the chamber with water to the ceiling.

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