is chef and the farmer closing

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The Chef the Farmer in Kinston took some heavy blows, including a permanent closure inMarch 2020of its popular Boiler Room. The restaurant has emerged again as one of the region’s top destination dining sites. It has combined the two under the CF roof at 120 W. Gordon St.

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  • Why did chef and the farmer close?

  • Vivian Howard, owner of the Chef the Farmer fine-dining restaurant and the Boiler Room, recently made the decision to close the popular oyster bar amid the COVID-19 crisis and to combine both restaurants inside the Chef the Farmer.

  • Who is chef & the farmer?

  • Naive but determined, I opened Chef the Farmer in 2006 with the hope that our restaurant might light a spark in our little town and help transition some of Eastern Carolina鈥檚 displaced tobacco farmers into food farmers.

  • What happened to the chef & the farmer Oyster Bar?

  • After a fire broke out in the Chef the Farmer earlier that year, the idea hatched to open an oyster bar. For eight years, the Boiler Room invited guests for drinks, burgers, and oysters while people waited for a reserved table at the fine-dining Chef the Farmer.

  • What is a chef’s life?

  • A Chef鈥檚 Life started as a documentary about farmers and traditions in Southern cooking. But as Vivian told me a few years ago, after her restaurant caught on fire, everything changed.

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