is farm raised salmon bad

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Farmed fish isn鈥檛 healthy. Eating fish is good for you, but that nutritional value is diminished in farmed fish. Farm-raised salmon have been shown to have an unhealthy high fat contentand higher levels of PCBs. A recent study warned women, children, and adolescents against eating farmed salmon because salmon feed contains harmful pollutants.

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  • What are the dangers of farmed salmon?

  • The downside of choosing farmed salmon is the risk of eating persistent organic pollutants, otherwise known as POPs. One type of POP that’s commonly found in farmed salmon is polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), which are man-made chlorinated industrial chemicals, per the Cleveland Clinic.

  • Is wild salmon healthier than farmed salmon?

  • Though wild salmon is touted as a healthier alternative to farmed salmon due to lesser fat and fewer toxic chemicals, recent reports have shown both wild and farmed salmon contain polychlorinated biphenyls that are harmful to humans. Is It Safe to Eat Farmed Salmon?

  • Why are salmon being factory farmed?

  • Because the oceans are being decimated at an alarming rate by the fishing industry, salmon are increasingly being factory farmed 鈥?kept in intensive units, where hundreds of thousands of fish are crowded together in suspended pens. The fish suffer stress and disease in the same way other factory farmed animals do.

  • How can you tell if salmon is farmed or wild?

  • There are some ways in which consumers can identify if salmon being sold in stores are farmed or wild. The most obvious way to tell is by looking at the label. Also, farmed salmon has more fat than wild salmon, which can be visible in the flesh.

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