is state farm a good insurance company

is state farm a good insurance company插图

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Editor’s Rating. State Farm is a good insurance companythat features a wide variety of insurance policy options,though its rates are rather pricey for both home and auto insurance. The company makes up for this by offering a variety of discounts鈥攕uch as its Steer Clear driver program鈥攁nd having solid customer service.

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  • Is state Farm good for auto insurance?

  • State Farm is best known for its auto insurance, and though other auto insurers have more extensive coverage options, State Farm鈥檚 menu more than adequately covers the nuts and bolts of a policy.

  • What is State Farm’s ranks?

  • Rankings are used to understand an insurance company;s financial stability in the marketplace. One example of how State Farm is rated is A.M. Best, State Farm’s rating , their Financial Strength is A++ (SUPERIOR).

  • Is state Farm’s homeowners insurance cheaper than its competitors?

  • NerdWallet compared State Farm鈥檚 average annual rates for homeowners insurance to those of four major competitors in ZIP codes across the United States. State Farm was the cheapest option in our mini-analysis with an average annual rate of $1,325 鈥?more than $250 less than the national average of $1,585 per year.

  • What is State Farm’s insurance rating with WalletHub?

  • WalletHub鈥檚 editors give State Farm a rating of 3.4/5 due to its typically quick claims inspection and payout process, generous discounts, wide variety of insurance types and coverage options, and personalized customer service.

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