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How to set live wallpaper from album on Huawei mobile phone

1. Swipe down on your phone to open Smart Browse and also go into wallpapers and after that get in theme wallpapers.
2. Click My in the wallpaper food selection, after that choose Live Wallpaper to enter.
3. Select the installed online wallpaper and also click Put on establish the online wallpaper. Open Smart Look and also get in wallpapers and after that go into themes wallpapers. Click Wallpaper Mine, after that pick Live Wallpaper to go into. Select a set up online wallpaper as well as click Apply.

Open the gallery folder on your phone, click an online picture to make use of as your phone’s online wallpaper, click the even more functions food selection, as well as set the bottom factor of the drop-down list to “Wallpaper”. established!

Keep in mind: 1. When utilizing your phone, back up your phone data routinely to avoid documents loss.

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2. In the process of using the smart phone, the mobile phone needs to be cleaned regularly.

3. In the process of making use of the mobile phone, make sure to operate the cellphone in a standardized fashion.

4. If you do not know what the trouble is, make certain to call an expert for treatment immediately.

Touch anywhere on the image and the web page below will appear., which will be presented when the screen is secured. The desktop is the background of the opened desktop computer, which can be established as required.

Select the mounted real-time wallpaper as well as click Apply to establish the real-time wallpaper. Open Up Smart Browse as well as go into wallpapers as well as after that go into motifs wallpapers. Click on Wallpaper Mine, then select Live Wallpaper to get in. Select a set up live wallpaper as well as click Apply.

The desktop is the history of the unlocked desktop computer, which can be established as required.Let’s watch this article together discussing useless wallpaper questions. Remember to post any questions you may have below the video.