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a and w sod farm

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Why choose A&W southern sod farm?

Our many years of experience has helped to determine the best varieties adaptable to our climate. AW Southern Sod Farm provides a blend of elite Turf Type Tall Fescue varieties with 10% Kentucky Bluegrass selected after years of proven success in the Middle Tennessee area.

Who is Coon Creek sod farms?

At Coon Creek Sod Farms, LLC, we are fourth generation sod farmers with a history of farming in Northern Illinois since 1867 and sod farming since 1919. Over the years, we have expanded our product line well beyond just sod.

What kind of equipment does WW sod&equipment sell?

New off-lease equipment arriving soon! WW Sod Equipment Co. sells and services preowned Used Golf Course Turf Equipment including aerators, blowers, vacuums, fairway mowers, Rough mowers, Riding walking greens mower, Rollers, Tractors, Rotary mowers, Sprayers, top dressers, Bunker Rakes and Utility vehicles.

Why choose turfgrass by A&W?

Turfgrass is easier to work with and is the fastest way to establish a beautiful lawn. AW Southern Sod Farms LLC is the best when it comes to turfgrass producers in the Middle Tennessee area. We grow the highest quality turfgrass and can install turfgrass into your lawn in no time.


Our inventory of pre-owned equipment comes from Toro and Kubota with most being three to four years off-lease returns.


We offer the best selection of brand name ag and turf equipment locally in Florida, nationally in the United States, and overseas. Find out more about our rental program.


By using equipment financing, you can procure the right equipment through a financing plan that fits your budget, rather than the capital or cash currently available.