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a dairy farm

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What does being a dairy farmer mean?

A dairy farmer is a person who works on a dairy farm, taking care of cows who produce milk that can be turned into consumable dairy products. Family-Owned Historically, dairy farms were family-run operations on which a family unit would perform all the day-to-day duties of the farm—such as milking, feeding, and breeding the animals.

How to manage a dairy farm?

A dairy farm manager will utilize the employees to do job and coordinate farm operations for profitable return. Sober temperament and judgment should be manager’s characteristic that makes every man on the dairy farm to feel as a part of management. Management has the following functions: Decision: It involves:

What is it like working at a dairy farm?

They love working with their animals, and those animals mean the world to them. Farmers take good care of their animals in every way. They work with veterinarians, nutritionists and other professionals to keep their cows healthy and comfortable at all times.

What do dairy farmers mean?

Dairy farmers are hard-working professionals who do important work to produce milk and milk products for consumers. If you have hands-on farming experience, enjoy working outdoors and have the motivation, patience and compassion to work with animals, you may want to consider a career as a dairy farmer.

How to determine dairy farm operating equity?

The determination of the operating equity value of a dairy farm involves the calculation of projected or normalized free cash flows and an appropriate discount rate that captures the market, industry, size, and company specific risks of such dairy farm. In the event that the dairy farm owns cash and other non-operating assets (i.e., assets not required in the business operations of the dairy farm), it may be necessary to make adjustments to the operating equity value to incorporate the value of these assets. Specifically for dairy farms, it’s important to also make adjustments to capture the seasonality of the business. As cows consume more feed in the spring and fall, dairy farms typically purchase higher levels of feed for such seasons, which theoretically implies lower levels of cash and/or a higher line of credit balance. On the other hand, the summer and winter months typically have lower feed levels, which implies a higher cash balance and/or a lower line of credit balance. However, a lower level of feed in the summer and winter months may require an adjustment for a working capital deficit. Overall, a dairy farm’s cash and inventory levels less the line of credit balance should roughly be the same at any given time. Other adjustments to operating equity value also include the addition of any interests in cooperatives or other investments, and the adjustment for the balance of the hedging account of the dairy farm on the given valuation date.

How to determine a normalized level of production?

A normalized level of production on a going concern basis should be based on the expected size of the milking herd, the herd turnover ratio, and the average number of self-raised heifers transferring over to the milking herd annually. The average production per cow should be analyzed by examining historical production and consideration of whether any growth hormones were used (which may be prohibited by the dairy farm’s customers). Production levels should also be adjusted for dry cows (cows within one to two months of being birth to a calf) as well.

Why are cows sold?

The primary driver of proceeds from the dairy herd sales are beef prices. If beef prices are high, as they were in 2013 and 2014 due to the droughts throughout the country in 2011 and 2012, coupled with a shortage of supply of cows for beef, a dairy farmer may be motivated to sell less efficient cows of the dairy herd. The dairy farmer would try to maximize pregnancies in order to replace the less efficient milking cows sold for beef in order to also maintain milk sales.

How do dairy farmers get their cash?

Dairy farmers also receive cash flows through patronage dividends (paid through the cooperative of which the dairy farmer is a member), rental income of any property leased to a third party, hospital milk (milk from ill cows that is not suitable for human consumption but fed to calves), USDA program payments, etc. Total income received from these sources is usually less than 10% of total revenue and can be normalized based on historical averages for valuation purposes.

How is net asset value determined?

The Net Asset Value method under the Asset Approach is a valuation technique whereby the equity value of a company is determined by developing a market value balance sheet. All assets and liabilities are marked-to-market, and the net asset value of the company represents the equity value on a controlling basis. For a dairy farm, the three largest asset categories usually include its dairy herd, property and equipment, and inventory. The market values of the dairy herd can be determined based the amount a milking cow or heifer could be sold for in the open market. The market values of the dairy farm’s facilities can be obtained from a recent appraisal or from its tax-assessed value, and the value of the inventory is based on its purchase price as dairy farms typically keep feed onsite for the next twelve to eighteen months. The remaining market values of the assets can usually be estimated by their book values.

What is dairy farm valuation?

A valuation of a dairy farm is unique relative to valuations of a standard manufacturing or retail business due to the differing nature of financial statements, the specific nomenclature used in the dairy industry, and the unique operations of an agri-operation business. As a going concern, the valuation should consider both …

What is the difference between financial statements of dairy farms?

Another distinction between the financial statements of dairy farms is deprecation. Deprecation is split in two ways, with the first being deprecation of the dairy herd and the other for capital expenditures such as property and equipment.

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