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a day at greenhill farm

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What makes Green Hill Farm Holiday Village unique?

Join us at Green Hill Farm Holiday Village for adventure. What makes us unique is that we’re ideally placed with direct access to this stunning part of the world — the breathtaking New Forest National Park. Step out of the gate at the bottom of our park and you’ll be greeted by the natives — New Forest ponies, ducks, geese, owls and otters.

Who is Greenhill Farms equipment?

About Greenhill Farms Equipment, Inc. Greenhill Farms Equipment, Inc., located approximately 11 miles east of Meadville on Route 77, was founded in the late 1960’s. We started out selling reconditioned used tractors, combines, and equipment as a side line to our dairy and grain farming operation.

Why choose Greenhill Farms for Kubota?

If you’re looking for quality equipment and exceptional services provided by trained experts, you’ve come to the right place. At Greenhill Farms, we pride ourselves on matching each customer’s unique needs with the Kubota that will serve them best.

The New Forest

150 square miles of ancient forest and heathland with an abundance of wildlife is just waiting to be explored, right on the doorstep of our park.

Our local pubs

The closest pubs to us are The Rockingham Arms and The Lamb Inn. The Rockingham Arms is a cosy pub serving home cooked food, they have a large garden area and they also welcome four legged friends! It can be reached by walking across the common at the back of the park – there isn’t any lighting so we would recommend this walk during the day.

Little touches

For evenings, we’ve got our own pizza restaurant here called Ember. Our on-park shop serves fresh bread, and local produce, you can also order a newspaper every day.