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a & m farm center

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Why choose a & m farm and garden center?

A M Farm and Garden Center is a premier farm market famous for its corn, tomatoes, and decorative goods. But we are much more than produce; we have flowers, plants, and supplies to meet the needs of every gardener.

What is the small farms research center?

The Small Farms Research Center at Alabama AM University (AAMU) conducts and promotes interdisciplinary research on the economic and social development of limited resource, new and beginning farmers and ranchers and rural entrepreneurs in Alabama’s underserved communities.

Does A&M sell plants and garden materials?

AM definitely have a large variety of plants and garden materials. Prices seem to be reasonable. Thing is, I’ve never used this place to purchase these types of items outside of a few poinsettia plants.

Flower & Plants

At our Garden Center, we offer an extensive array of garden supplies, seasonal flowers, and plants. A selection of landscaping items is also in stock for your convenience.

Pies & Cakes

A wide variety of pies, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and other sweet treats are available. We also carry no sugar added pies & cookies.

Outdoor Living

Garden sculptures, walkway pavers, swing sets, and sheds are waiting for you at our Garden Center. Count on us for high-quality structures that add the perfect final touch to your property.


Dennis Leek, manager of A&M Farm Center, Inc. (A&M) (defendant), a retail company that leased and sold John Deere farm equipment to customers nationwide, signed the majority of leasing contracts on behalf of A&M entered into by its customers and AGCO Finance, LLC (AGCO) (plaintiff), the finance company.

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