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a second wind farm

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What is the newest stud dog at second wind?

Our newest stud dog here at Second Wind is our pride and joy grandson to our beloved Big Shoes, Grub. Eden and her full littermate sister, Envy, joined our bulldog family in the summer of 2020. Eden is very athletic….running full speed ahead with such ease and grace !!

Where to buy used wind turbines?

Used wind turbines. Buy and sell used wind turbines on wind-turbine.com from various renowned manufacturers such as Vestas, Enercon, Nordex or DeWind, specified by year of construction, hub height, rated power or location as well as accessories and components.

What happens to old wind turbines?

In the process of time, many old wind turbines are replaced by new, higher-yielding plants in the context of . You can wind-turbine.com technical management

How is the upswing of wind power being boosted?

wind-turbine.com. The upswing of the wind power is being boosted by the population’s increased environmental awareness and the german nuclear phase-out. All the experiences in the use of wind power and the technological efforts – especially from Germany – led to an increase of output and yield of wind turbines.


This beautiful red brindle female is JUSTICE, born 3/19/2018. She has a Champion-sire and Champion-mom. Miss Justice… another beauty from Hayhurst !! Her CHAMPION mom is a full sister to my girl, Blessing !! Weighing in this summer at 94 lbs.

Eden of Second Wind Farm

Eden and her full littermate sister, Envy, joined our bulldog family in the summer of 2020. They are 100 % Johnson girls, tall and long. Eden will be turning one year old on 6/6/2021 and currently weighing-in @ 93 lbs and 24.5" at the wither (shoulder).

Envy of Second Wind Farm

Envy, our 100% Johnson female and full sister to Eden, has an unusually beautiful grey brindle-on-white, soft as a bunny coat !! She is joyful in her demeanor and LOVES to run through the meadows with the greatest of ease, playing hardily with her full sister, Eden.

Mississippi Moon

Oh my goodness our wiggly, loving sweetheart, Miss Moon !! This girl stole my heart right from day One !! She is the happiest dog I think I have ever had the pleasure to know ! She wags her tail all the way up to her nose ! lol At one year old now, Miss Moon weighs in at 98 lbs and stands 23.5 “ at the withers (shoulder).

Blue Suede Shoes

This unusually gorgeous Blue Brindle girl has generated TONS of interest from the very first picture I ever posted of her !! She had two blue eyes for the longest time….now her eyes have turned a gorgeous green !! She will be turning one year old on 8/8/2021, so that means she SHOULD begin our breeding sometime in late Springtime 2022.


Second Wind Farm has beautiful, well-maintained facilities including a boarding barn, large outdoor arena, an indoor arena and round pens. There are 87 acres to trail ride and condition horses on.


A full range of boarding services to include full board and pasture board with grain options is available. Lessons are offered as well as equine massage and trailer repair.

Diane’s Latest Book

Second Wind Farm is more than just the place I board my horse. It is my safe place, my happy place, and the one place I go to after those "not so good" days. I have been a boarder here for almost 10 years. Over the years, Diane and Larry have become family.