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how to farm acolytes warframe

how to farm acolytes warframe插图

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  • How to unlock Acolytes mods in Warframe?

  • Acolytes Mods are the most powerful ones in Warframe, so they are not easy to unlock. Many of these are unlocked via limited-time events where you face the Shadow Stalkers. Defeating them will reward you with the legendary mod drops. How to find Acolytes?

  • Can Acolytes Ragdoll Warframes?

  • Other warframe specific methods are Titania in Razorwing, Zephyr (passive), Hildryn balefire, Mag (Magnetize). Invisiblity won’t work since acolytes can see you regardless. (In the near future, you’ll be able to use necramechs in normal missions. They can’t ragdoll them.

  • What are acolyte mods?

  • Acolyte Mods are event only mods that are dropped by Stalker lookalike Acolytes. These mods are similar to what we call corrputed mods but the mod benefit is activated by doing something such as getting a headshot, kill or reloads.

  • How do I find and defeat the Acolytes?

  • Finding and defeating the Acolytes is a community effort. Once an Acolyte is defeated, another one will take its place. An Acolyte can randomly appear on the Star Chart, indicated in the World State Window, where players must then hunt down the Acolyte by finding which node on which planet it appears.

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