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how to farm alchemist

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  • What are the best items to farm as an alchemist?

  • If the opposing team has strong laners, you may want to swap the Iron Branch for more regeneration such as Healing Salve or more Tango. Tranquil Boots are an excellent item for keeping you in the lane. As Alchemist, you never want to stop farming, so any item that helps your farm is a good one.

  • How to deal with Spectre as Alchemist?

  • Alchemist is a fairly heavy carry, but may still have trouble dealing with other hard carries, such as Spectre. Alchemist farms faster than any other hero, thank to Greevil’s Greed. Use Acid Spray to farm in lane if your opponents are harassing you heavily. Acid Spray is useful in farming creeps.

  • Can you get the legendary assault rifle alchemist without anything in return?

  • You can’t gain something without giving something in return. The Legendary Assault Rifle Alchemist is manufactured by Torgue and comes from the Borderlands 3 Base Game. Shoots Gyrojets that deal Shock damage. Each shot deals small Shock Damage to the player.

  • When to level acid spray on Alchemist?

  • Acid Spray is also leveled early to aid in clearing creep waves, especially if Alchemist goes solo in lane. A successful player aims to overwhelm the opposing team during the mid game, when Chemical Rage makes Alchemist hard to kill.

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