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a&m farm market

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Why shop a&m farm&garden center?

Garden Center remains true to its roots as a produce market. But over the decades it has grown to be much more. No matter the season or holiday, A M Farm Garden Center has everything you need to…… Got a question about A M Farm And Garden Center?

What can you find at the Farmers Market?

We are celebrating our 66th Anniversary this year! At the Farmers Market you can find a variety of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, freshly cut butchers meats, and a variety of different foods that are prepared FRESH EVERY WEEK for our customers!

Does A&M sell plants and garden materials?

AM definitely have a large variety of plants and garden materials. Prices seem to be reasonable. Thing is, I’ve never used this place to purchase these types of items outside of a few poinsettia plants.


We have a large selection of outdoor furniture including all weather wicker and wrought iron, including dining sets, bistro sets, benches and chairs.

Swing Sets

Transform your backyard into an exciting outdoor playground with one of our residential swing sets. Our swing sets come in various sizes to fit outdoor spaces large and small. They are loaded with standard features that will have your kids sliding, climbing, and having fun in no time. You may also add accessories at any time.


A chiminea is one of the best ways to bring warmth, light, and style to an outdoor area. You can use it to create a crackling wood fire that warms all who stand nearby. Browse our unique selection in store today.


Add the perfect final touch to your outdoor area with a one-of-a-kind garden sculpture. Our garden center carries quality products by Massarelli’s® Makers of Fine Stone Garden Accents. The Massarelli artists make and finish each garden sculpture by hand, so you know your piece is original and unique.

Sheds built to order and Delivered to Your Location

Sizes range from 6×8 to 14×32, although the larger sheds must be built at your location. We have brochures and price lists available, and can give you information about whether your shed would have to be built on site.