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how to farm ap ff7

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  • How do I AP farm in Final Fantasy 7 remake?

  • There are a couple of fast ways to AP Farm in the end game of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but we highly recommend to Chapter Select over to Chapter 17, and play through the first 5 minutes or so in order to get to the Shinra Combat Simulator.

  • How does the AP system work in FF7 remake?

  • For broader help with every other aspect of the game, check out our FF7 Remake guide walkthrough hub. The core conceit of the AP system is nice and simple – like the EXP that governs your character level growth towards the level cap, every single battle you complete in FF7 Remake will give you an AP reward .

  • Where can I find AP-UP materia in FF7 remake?

  • There is only one AP-Up Materia in FF7 Remake, and it’s hidden behind another Materia – the Pedometer Materia you can find in Chapter 14 near Aerith’s House. Take 5,000 steps with it equipped to unlock the AP-Up Materia.

  • How do you farm AP in Chapter 4?

  • The Training Grounds located in Chapter 4 of the game can be used to farm some AP. This method involves killing all 3 Sentry Rays resetting them with a press of a button.

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