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how to stop ants farming aphids

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How To Stop Ants Farming Aphids? Tryspraying dormant horticultural oil on fruit and shade trees to kill aphid eggs over the winter. Ant bait trapsare effective at eliminating ant colonies by destroying several insects at a time. Wrap plants or trees with tape or netting to catch the ants and keep them from protecting the aphids.

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  • What do ants get out of farming aphids?

  • What Ants Get Out of Farming Aphids. In a nutshell 鈥?food. In fact, ants farm aphids because, in return, they get a huge supply of their favorite sticky sweet treat. As aphids feed, they produce a sticky substance called honeydew, and ants simply cannot resist it.

  • How do I get rid of aphids?

  • Managing ants is one way of controlling the aphid population. Ant bait stations are effective because the ants take the bait and bring it back to the main colony. This destroys more of the insects at one time.

  • Why do ants protect trees from aphids?

  • They have also recently been found to protect the aphids from a fungal outbreak that causes death, by removing the bodies of the infected aphids. Anytime you see a large number of ants on a tree or plant, it is likely you have a large infestation of aphids.

  • Do ants attack fruit trees?

  • An aphid attack is pretty common, but the presence of ants can make the aphid attack much more severe as the ants effectively farm the aphids and protect them from predators. It is the aphids that do the damage to a fruit tree, sucking out the sap and damaging the leaves.

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