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is applegate farms really humane

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Is Applegate Farms really humane?100 percent of our pork is third-party certified by Global Animal Partnership (Step 1 or higher) or Certified Humane. Applegate works with a handful of non-certified farms to transition them to our standards.

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  • Is Applegate鈥檚 Turkey humane?

  • All the turkey raised for Applegate is third-party certified for animal welfare standards by Global Animal Partnership Step 1 or higher or Certified Humane. Breathing room.

  • How many farm animals does Applegate buy?

  • Applegate, for example, might acquire animals from 1,500 different individual farms this year alone, Ely notes.

  • Why choose Applegate for animal care?

  • If animals become ill, they are treated with antibiotics as prescribed by a veterinarian and sold to a supply chain outside of Applegate. But as a result of the superior animal husbandry practices like clean barns, fresh air, and more space, fewer animals need to be treated in the Applegate program. No growth hormones or beta agonists.

  • What are the animal welfare standards for Applegate products?

  • Applegate requires that all the farms we source from meet third-party certified animal welfare standards. In addition, we have a team of experts led by a doctor of animal science that visits and inspects farms for compliance. No antibiotics.

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    who owns applegate farms

    who owns applegate farms插图

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    Hormel Foods Corporation

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  • Who is Applegate Farms?

  • Applegate Farms, LLC was founded in 1987 by Stephen McDonnell and Chris Ely, two food rebels with a cause and a mission: Changing The Meat We Eat. At Applegate, we truly believe that the way food is raised can change and transform lives 鈥?from the farmer who grows our food to the person who eats it.

  • Why work with Applegate?

  • We lead that change by raising and crafting food with care and respect for animals, people and the planet. Applegate progresses the mission by raising the bar on creating clean, crave-able food, being transparent across all facets of the food system and seeding the demand for more sustainable and regenerative agriculture and business practices.

  • Why does Applegate support after school All Stars?

  • That one act brought people together AND provided sustenance. At Applegate we understand the importance of one act creating huge impact. That鈥檚 why we support organizations like After School All Stars and are pleased to announce that starting today (Giving Tuesday) through the end of the year, we鈥檒l be matching donations up to $35,000.

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