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how old is the girl from ant farm

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What is the name of the girl from a NT farm?

Chyna Parks is the main protagonist of the hit Disney Channel show A.N.T. Farm . She is a bright, bubbly teenager who is an exceptional musical prodigy and was formerly in Webster High School’s A.N.T. Program.

Are ant farms hard to maintain?

No, ant farms are pretty easy to maintain. Owners will need to clean the ant farm periodically, and depending on the type, they may also need to place food and water occasionally in the enclosure. Q. What should ant farmers do when the insects die?

What are the different types of ant farms?

The two basic types of ant farms are terrarium style and sandwich style. Terrarium-style ant farms are essentially a container filled with substrate, often topped with a layer of landscaping foliage or decoration. These ant farms can create wonderful environments for ant colonies, with secure and private areas suitable for housing a queen ant.

What makes AntHouse different from other ant farms?

While most ant farms have a plastic structure, AntHouse is 100 percent acrylic. Not only does this make it more durable, but it allows farmers a 360-degree view of their colony. The farm is broken into two sections: The first, a half-inch sector where ants can tunnel through the provided sand-and-clay mixture.

Where is Stefanie from?

Stefanie was born December 6, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois. She appeared in the role of Katie in Beethoven’s Big Break. She appeared in the feature film Flipped directed by Rob Reiner as well as in the film titled No Strings Attached where she played a young version of the main character.

Who played Lexi Reed in Shake It Up?

Stefanie was originally slated to play Tinka Hessenheffer on Shake It Up but was later replaced by Caroline Sunshine before landing the role of Lexi Reed a year later. Scott is also a singer, songwriter, penning the lyrics to several original songs including "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" and "The Girl I Used To Know".

Who is Dana Tressler?

Scott is best known for her roles as Lexi Reed on Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, Dana Tressler in the feature film Flipped, for which she won a 2011 Young Artist Award, and in No Strings Attached as Young Emma.

Did Lexi from Ant Farm ever appear in Disney?

Sometime in 2012, she starred in the new DCOM Frenemies. As a result, her character, Lexi, was missing from 3 episodes of ANT Farm. She also recently had a part in the new Disney hit movie, Wreck-It Ralph, playing the "Moppet Girl".

Who is the voice of Emma in Special Agent Oso?

Scott was the voice of Emma on the Disney animated TV series Special Agent Oso premiering in April 2009 on The Disney Channel. Scott had a guest starring role on the Fox series Sons of Tucson as well as on NBC series Chuck playing the 12-year-old Sarah Walker.

What is Chyna’s personality?

Chyna is typically upbeat and optimistic when her friends have a problem. She can usually be seen cheering up her friends, family, and classmates with reassurance and resolutions. Chyna adores helping others and being a charitable person in general. This desire to constantly aid others has cultivated an uncanny ability to formulate outlandish plans to fix problems. For example, in " fraudulANT ," Chyna successfully breaks into a high-security art museum with her friends and retrieves Fletcher’s painting that was stolen by Zanko, who took credit for the artwork. Another example of the great lengths she goes to help those she cares for is in the episode " modeling assignmANT ." In that episode, she pretends to be a high-fashion magazine editor, arranges a fake hot-air balloon picnic, lies about Cameron’s physique, and manages to get a famous model to transfer to Webster High School so the two can date. Chyna consistently goes above and beyond the standards to aid people.

How many times does Olive beat Lexi?

This is the thirteenth time she beats Lexi. In the end, it was all a trick, because Olive was dating him. In past, presANT, and future, she travels to the 1980s to save the future. In angus’ first movemANT, she and Angus had a conflict for the ringtone and Angus treats Chyna like a jerk.

How many episodes of Mutant Farm does Chyna appear in?

Although, one can argue that she appears in 60 episodes, since regular universe Chyna doesn’t actually appear in mutANT farm 1 or 2 .

How many instruments does Chyna play?

Chyna can play 47 instruments. She plays guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, flute, cello, harp, bagpipes, French horn, Theremin, drums, harmonica, and the spoons, she "sings a little", and much more. She appears to be right-handed. She claims she thinks she is better with her guitar.

What color is Chyna Parks’ hair?

Chyna Parks is an African-American teenage girl of average height with full lips and warm-brown skin. In Season 1, her hair is straight, black, and shoulder-length in a bob. In Season 2, her hair becomes much longer and bone-straight with colorful highlights (in some episodes, she has brown, red, or purple highlights or none at all).

Where is Chyna from America’s Got Talent?

Currently, she attends Z-Tech Prodigy School in Palo Alto, California.

Why does Olive argue with Olive?

In IndependANTs, she argues with olive for the fifth time because she thinks olive’s rules are stupid and ridiculous.

What episode does Scarlett get the rubber suit?

Warning: Spoilers for American Horror Stories Season 1, Episode 1 follow. In the opening episode of American Horror Stories, “Rubber (wo)Man,” McCormick plays Scarlett, the teenage daughter of house flippers who just bought the franchise’s favorite Murder House. Upon moving in, Scarlett finds the rubber suit and tries it on for size, triggering the house’s usual freaky tendencies.

What happens when Scarlett finds the rubber suit?

Upon moving in, Scarlett finds the rubber suit and tries it on for size, triggering the house’s usual freaky tendencies. Scarlett herself also isn’t exactly into the more mainstream interests, with her fantasies turning toward murder.

What is the role of McCormick in Twisted Sisters?

In 2016, she starred in Lifetime’s Sorority Nightmare (originally titled Twisted Sisters ), in which she played the lead role of a grieving girl who gets wrapped up in an ugly power game in her sorority.

How old is Sierra McCormick?

One of the newest faces in the cast is Sierra McCormick, whose character was featured heavily in the show’s first trailer. If fans think the 23-year-old actor looks familiar, they’re right. These facts about American Horror Stories’ Sierra McCormick will remind you that Ryan Murphy’s new show is showcasing the next generation of stars.

Who played Susan Kushner in Ramona and Beezus?

She got her start on Ramona and Beezus. McCormick first started acting in 2007, doing small parts in TV series, including a stint as one of the fifth-graders in Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? But her breakout role was in Ramona and Beezus in 2010. In it, she played Susan Kushner, Ramona’s rival from the books.

Is American Horror Story on Hulu?

FX on Hulu. American Horror Stories is a mixture of old and new. The series is filled with callbacks to the original American Horror Story franchise that spawned it while introducing new characters, stories, and actors. One of the newest faces in the cast is Sierra McCormick, whose character was featured heavily in the show’s first trailer.

Who played Chyna Parks in the show?

The series starred China Anne McClain as Chyna Parks in the leading role of a new student in the Advanced Natural Talents program at Webster High School. As Olive, the prodigy with an eidetic memory, McCormick’s position was that as her best friend.