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Tag: Are game animals allowed on farms in South Africa

how to start a game farm in south africa pdf

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Why is game farming important to South Africa?

Game farming also has the ability to create relatively high quality jobs, particularly in rural areas. “Of key importance is that game farming facilitates the conservation not only of Africa’s rare game species, natural habitats and eco-systems, but also our unique heritage as South Africans.

What do you need to start crop farming in South Africa?

Field of winter crops grown in the Western Cape, South Africa. Before a farmer can start crop farming in South Africa, they need to look at the resources available – water, land, funds and labour. This will affect the type of crop, time of planting, and size of planting.

How to start a cattle farming business in South Africa?

There are different places in South Africa where you can raise your animals properly. You need to analyze and determine your cattle farming financial situation. This is very essential to determine what is really needed in your business to let the cattle grow fast and healthy.

Are game animals allowed on farms in South Africa?

A few farms in South Africa are given over exclusively to game, but more often game animals coexist with domestic stock. Some farmers tolerate or actively encourage game animals on their properties purely for aesthetic reasons; others have more commercial interests.

What are the biggest mistakes farmers make?

One of the biggest mistakes aspiring farmers make is that they forget that while a farm is a lifestyle, it is also a business. Making a farm profitable requires planning and business savvy. Luckily there are professional consultants that can help writing a sound and professional business plan for you.

Why is the game farm important?

The Game Farm business concept is critical to the future of the hunting industry because game farmers supply the animals that populate the nation’s preserves. In some cases, game farm entrepreneurs also engage in the process and sale of game meat or the delivery of bred game stock to individuals and commercial growers.

How many levels does game ranching work?

In terms of economics, the value of game ranching can be summarized as follows:-. 1. Game ranching works essentially on four levels.

What is the first level of hunting?

The first level is the “sale of hunting trips and venison”, the second level is the “sale of live game at auctions”; the third level is the “processing of animal products”; and the fourth level is the “provision of game lodges, conferences, facilities and related services”. Job opportunities open at all 4 levels. 2.

Why are game animals farmed?

Game animals are farmed for the purposes of meat, skin and horn off-take (culling) and tourist viewing. The culling is usually combined with sport- hunting. Game farming may also yield benefits in term of photographic safaris, fishing and many others.

Cattle Farming Plan

Do a simple analysis of yourself and the type of business you are going to start with. You need to plan with the type of cow you opt to raise and what particular type of cattle farming business you desire to operate. Since you are just a starter in such a business, you always need to have in mind of keeping your business small.

Land Location

The next step for you to do is to search for the best land location where you are going to let the number of cattle you have raised grow and multiply. Choose a place where you are confident enough that you can easily raise your animal in such an area.

Research on Facilities and Devices Needed in Raising Cattle

You need to analyze and determine your cattle farming financial situation. This is very essential to determine what is really needed in your business to let the cattle grow fast and healthy.

Providing Healthy Cattle Vitamins

For your cattle to grow fast, you need to provide them healthy vitamins and even supplements that will be an aid for their growth and development in a healthy way. There are several vitamins and supplements in South Africa where you may always give your cattle to let them live healthily.

Which cattle breed is most profitable in South Africa?

Nguni Cattle BreedersThe Nguni Cattle Breeders Society, which was established in 1985, labels it as the breed that “produces the most kilogram of beef per hectare at the lowest cost,” making the Nguni “the most profitable and economically sustainable beef breed”.

How to contact Hennie Barnard?

Phone Hennie Barnard on 049 8470005 or email him at [email protected] Phone Rob Hobson on 049 834 9032 or email him at [email protected], or phone Neil Dodds on 082 775 2434 or email him at [email protected] This article was originally published in the 28 June 2013 issue of Farmers Weekly.

What grasses are good for winter?

Oats for winter grazing and a mixture of permanent summer grasses such as buffalo grass ( Panicum maximum ), blue buffalo grass ( Cenchrus ciliaris ), and Smuts finger grass ( Digitaria eriantha ssp . eriantha) is ideal. Animals might not take to ryegrass or Eragrosti s.”.

How long does it take for a buffalo to return?

Buffalo take a bit longer to show a return. The heifer value increases when they are ready to breed.”. In an intensive breed ing operation, the inter-calving period (ICP) for sable can be as short as nine to 10 months. The roan ICP is 10 to 11 months and the ICP for buffalo is 13 to 16 months.

What is the Karoo Midlands known for?

This arid area is known mainly for wool, mohair and mutton production. In the 1800s, farming was limited to fat-tailed sheep and oxen, while the abundant game was all but wiped out, …

Is breeding bulls good for hunting?

READ: The wildlife industry rises to the challenge. After a few years, the better animals could be sold as breeding bulls and the balance for hunting. “The demand for quality breeding bulls is always good and while there are hunters, there will be a need for trophies,” he stresses.

Who advised Karoo farmers to do their homework?

Neil advises Karoo farmers considering farming high-value game species to do their homework and to contact as many knowledgeable people as possible. The study group learnt much from Hennie Barnard of Skietfontein near Aberdeen, who pioneered sable farming in the Eastern Cape.

What is a private game reserve?

Most private game reserves have an element of hunting as part of their management policy and carried out ethically, is an obvious income stream for a farm that has game. This farm could be a mixed livestock and game farm or it could be a lifestyle farm situated in prime game regions such as the Karoo and Kalahari.

How many chalets are there in the Lapa?

The main camp has four chalets and a lodge with a lapa and a conferencing facility for 25 people, with about 10 000 square metres of irrigated garden with hippos emerging from the river to graze on the lawns. The river offers excellent fishing with a variety of game fish and crocodiles sunbathing on the banks.

What are the main activities of the UK safari industry?

“Besides safari tourism, hunting and rare game breeding are the other two main activities.

How much does a Big 5 game ranch sell for?

In KwaZulu-Natal, Big 5 game ranching land with lodges can sell for around R25 000 per hectare for a fully developed opportunity, while in the Eastern Cape, premium Big 5 game ranching land can sell for up to R30 000 a hectare depending on its location and proximity to the coast, rivers and so on. In the Karoo and Kalahari regions, which offer …

What are the three concession areas adjacent to Kruger National Park?

In South Africa the equivalent of the above and the converse of the private game reserve would be the three main concession areas adjacent to the more than two million hectare Kruger National Park, namely Sabie Sands, Timbavati and Klaserie. A 5-star luxury lodge located on less than 1 000 hectares of land in one of the concession areas, …

Why is game farming important?

Game farming also has the ability to create relatively high quality jobs , particularly in rural areas. “Of key importance is that game farming facilitates the conservation not only of Africa’s rare game species, natural habitats and eco-systems, but also our unique heritage as South Africans. It is a core source to repopulate the rest …

Where are the Big 5 reserves?

The other big game regions such as the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal offer private Big 5 reserves. In Northern KwaZulu-Natal, in the renowned Big 5 area near Mkuzi, a similar concession in a Big 5 reserve will sell between R15 million and R35 million for around 900 hectares of land in the reserve with lodge and other improvements.

What is the role of game ranching in SA?

It has the potential to play a role in ensuring the country’s food security. Up to now, the game industry’s role has been relatively limited. “SA exports about

How much land does a wildlife ranch cover?

over the past few decades. Commercial/private wildlife ranches cover 16.8% of the country’s landmass, covering approximately 20,5 million hectares. Limpopo has 50% of these ranches, the Northern Cape 20% and the Eastern Cape 12%. Wildlife ranching employs more than 100,000 peopleand generates an income of R 9.1 billion per year (0,27% of GDP) (Source: 2018 Biodiversity Economy (Wildlife) presentation by Mr Shonisani Munzhedzi of the Department of Environmental Affairs DEA).

How much did live breeding increase in 2014?

in 2014– an estimated average annual increase of 26% over nine years. Current prices and the successive profitability of live breeding, especially in terms of higher value and/or colour and morphological variants, are likely to declinein future once supply exceeds demand. Although live breeding will remain central in terms of economic contribution and the successive growth of the game ranching industry, it is expected that the growth rate and the successive contribution from the specific segment will be lower in future.” (Source: Growth expectations for the South African game ranching industry. Flippie Cloete)

What is the major agricultural activity in 2017?

In terms of employment, the major commercial agriculture activity in 2017 was horticulture (268 740 employees or 35,5% of the total), followed by mixed farming (185 863 or 24,5%) and farming of animals (162 116 or 21,4%).

Why is the black wildebeest recovering?

The main reason for the recovery of wildlife outside of national reserves is due to a quiet private-sector conservationrevolution that has been built on hunting. For conservation to succeed, wildlife must be economically sustainable and able to compete with commercial farming.

Why did the price of color variants drop in 2017?

From 2017, we saw a drop in price for colour variant species, as a supply of animals increased and demand for them decreased.

When was the Biltong Hunters survey conducted?

The research is conducted using a survey posted on two prominent hunting associations’ websites with respondents required to complete the questionnaire by the end of October, a month after the hunting season finishes. Previous surveys were carried out in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010.

What are the crops that are growing in South Africa?

It has shown that crops such as yellow maize (mainly as an animal feed) and soybeans are expanding, mostly at the expense of white maize, which is primarily a food staple.

What is the end use of crops?

End-use of Crops. Ideally, a crop will improve the soil, provide food for animals and humans as well as provide an income. In South African crops may also be planted in between permanent crops such as fruit trees, to stabilise soil on slopes and to improve water penetration into the soil. Legumes such as cowpeas increase the nitrogen in the soil.

What are some examples of drought resistant crops?

Your farm’s climate, soil type and rainfall will determine the success of the crop. For example, sorghum and millet are drought-resistant crops suitable for human and animal feed, while humid climates will favour banana and sugar cane production. End-use of Crops.

What is soil test?

A soil test to determine the soil type, nutrient content of the soil and general fertility and suitability for crop farming is essential. Consider dividing the land into smaller plots and fencing it to allow for rotation grazing, limit theft and access by neighbours’ animals and humans. Funds.

What is the most important aspect of crop farming?

Machinery is one of the important aspects in crop farming. Here, ploughing is done on crop fields for next harvest. Water. Determining which crop to plant will depend on what is already available.

How to start a crop farm in South Africa?

Before a farmer can start crop farming in South Africa, they need to look at the resources available – water, land, funds and labour. This will affect the type of crop, time of planting, and size of planting.

What does a farmer need to decide about crop?

The farmer also needs to decide what the crop will be used for – to prevent soil erosion, improve soil health, as a feed for livestock, as human food, for export or local use or as a cash crop? Of course, parameters such as climate type, accessibility to markets, equipment and demand will also influence crop farming and decisions about it.

What is a bateleurs?

The Bateleurs: Flying animals to safety for 20 years. The Bateleurs, a non-profit company, provides a flight support programme for conservation and the environment. In operation for 20 years, this unique organisation has a membership of about 220 pilots and has conducted numerous conservation missions across Africa.

Why are aardvark numbers dwindling in the Kalahari?

Why aardvark numbers are dwindling in the Kalahari. It is not only livestock that are threatened during multi-year droughts; wildlife, too, can succumb to the stress.

Where is Willem Frost’s game farm?

On his 2 500ha game farm near Lephalale in Limpopo, Willem Frost aims to provide local and international hunters with an authentic hunting experience, which promotes the farm’s overall sustainability goals.

When did the black impala become popular?

The popularity of colour variants such as the golden wildebeest and black impala skyrocketed in the South African game market in 2000, and their prices reflected this. Fourteen years later, these prices dropped just as precipitously. Dr Flippie Cloete, head of Terratek at Suidwes Landbou, takes a look at the drivers that influence the price movements of colour variants.

Who is the new ostrich farmer?

Growing pains of a young North West ostrich farmer. New ostrich farmer Kabelo Lekalakala says the industry in North West can be returned to its former glory through the participation of young aspiring farmers.

Is the Cape buffalo declining?

Concern about declining Cape buffalo trophy quality. The Cape buffalo occupies a top spot on hunters’ wish lists, but studies show a decrease in the quality of buffalo trophies, according to Dr Johan Rabie, buffalo breeder and owner of Chimoyo Wildlife.

Who is Arthur Rudman?

Arthur Rudman, veteran game rancher and member of the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa and Wildlife Ranching South Africa, speaks to Roelof Bezuidenhout about the future of the hunting industry in this country and across the continent.