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Tag: Are there any goat breeds available in India

is goat farming taxable in india

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Is goat farming taxable in India?But nowhere in the Income-tax Act it has been stated that income arising out of purchase and sale of goats is exempt from tax. What are goat farms used for?

How much does it cost to start goat farming in India?

The total costs involved in goat farming project cost in India starting with 50 female goats and 2 male goats. The cost of one female Boer goat is Rs. 6000, so for 50 goats it costs Rs. 3,00,000

Is goat farming a profitable business?

Goat farming business is a very profitable business where many people start making good profits by starting a goat farming project. However, to establish a successful goat farming business you need a perfect goat farming business plan.

Are there any goat breeds available in India?

There are numerous goat breeds available in India. But all goats are not suitable for commercial production. Some goat breeds are highly productive and very suitable for commercial farming in India. Jamunapari Goat: Jamunapari goat is a native goat breed of India.

What is the role of goats in India?

Role of Goat Farming in Economy and Contribution of India: Employment: For the unskilled, less literate, low income and labour it will be a good employment and also a good source of income. Storage: The goats are good storing animals as they can store their milk, so the goats are called as walking refrigerator.

What is the best hay for goats?

Hay: The hay is an important source of nutrients for the goats. The hay which should be fed to the goat should not contain mold in it. The feed which should be fed to the goats should be of good quality. The weedy hay, which is fed to the goats is a good source of nutrients. The hay which should be fed to the goats is Lespedeza, clover and alfalfa.

Why is goat milk important?

This goat milk helps in curing the some diseases like diabetes, cough, and asthma. For goats the housing requirement is very low. Not only the goats have high demand in the market, but also the products of goats like milk, meat, fleece and manure also has high demand in the market.

What is goat feed?

Goat Feed Management: The feed is the main source of energy for the goats. In goat farming business feed management plays a fundamental role. For the farmer who is rearing the goats should have a basic knowledge of feed which should be fed to the goats.

How many goats are there in India?

In the nation’s economy goat farming plays a major role, it is considered that the total goat population in India is 70.75 million. It might be a small employment in the initial stages, but gradually the demand and also the returns will increase. When meat lovers are increasing gradually the demand for the goats is also increasing. For setting up the goat farm the initial investment is also low.

What are the nutrients that goats need?

By consuming the pastures goat’s digestibility and tastiness will be improved. The pasture, which can be fed to the goats are millet, clover, grass, Sudan grass, Bahia grass and grain.

How does farming a goat help farmers?

Weed Control: By farming a goat, it helps the agricultural farmer by controlling the weeds in the farmer. As goat is herbivores animal it consumes the weed as its feed.

What is the best feed for goats?

There are different kinds of supplementary feed which you need to provide your goats. The supplementary feed to goats includes lucerne so-called hay, grains like wheat, maize, oats, barley, sorghum, and other whole grains, etc. along with the minerals, salts, and other commercial goat feed. The goats also require large quantities of water. Hence it is important to provide a sufficient amount of water. You need to add this to the goat farming business plan along with the feed costs.

What is the most economical way to start goat farming?

The feed is the major cost for starting the goat farming project. This is the most economical source for efficient growth of goat meat with all the sources of vitamins and minerals. Goats graze and pasture on grasslands but it will not be sufficient for them to meet the proper nutritional requirements which are essential for the growth of the meat goats. Goats become versatile, inquisitive, and energetic by their feeding habits to become stronger. Goats are versatile and can adapt to different environments easily without any disturbances.

What is the best goat to farm?

The famous breeds for goat meat production are the Boer Breed, Black Bengal, Spanish breed, Kalahari, Rangeland among others. The Boer Goat is an extensively productive meat breed and stands as a superior breed. This type of breed is initially from the Eastern Cape in South Africa and it is very costly compared to other breeds. A good Boer buck that is within 6-12 months can service 25 does while a full-grown buck which is 13 months old can service 50 does in a year. The Boer Goat is thought superior as it has a good bone structure, grows fast, large body size with heavyweight, and can easily stand to a wide range of grasslands. Some farmers crossbreed a superior breed like the Boer Goat with indigenous breeds. This is used for getting the proper quality of offspring with better meat quality, which is also resistant to diseases, healthy and adaptable to different pastures.

How to start goat farming for profit?

To start keeping goats for profit, you need breeding stock. The breeding stock must have male goats which are called bucks, and female goats which are called as does. When selecting breeding stock for goat farming business, you must be very careful of the health history of the goats.

What is goat production business plan?

The goat production business plan should be having a proper marketing plan to promote your business. Goats can be breed for meat, hair, milk, and fiber uses. This blog and business plan mainly for goat meat production. The export market for goats is tremendous!

What equipment is needed for goat farming?

The equipment needed for your goat farming project comprises feeders and drinkers for feed and water for the goats. Your goat rearing business plan must outline the costs of housing and equipment that are required for your goat farming project.

How profitable is goat farming?

Goat farming is the most profitable venture which provides income to millions of people , where you can earn good profits in rearing goats. Before starting the business you need to decide the size of the goat farming project. Then you need to note the points such as the number of goats, location of the goat farming business, …

How much milk does a beetal goat produce?

They are highly milk productive goat breed. Also suitable for highly meat production. They are able to produce about 2.5-4 litter milk daily. An adult male goat weights about 65 kg and female about 45 kg.

How much does a Jamunapari goat weigh?

It is a highly milk and meat productive goat. But they are raised mainly for their highly milk production capacity. A female goat can produce about 2-3 litter milk daily. An adult male weights about 65-90 kg and female goat weights about 40-60 kg.

What is a boer goat?

Boer goat is a South African goat breed but suitable for farming in India. They are meat productive goat breed. And adult Boer goat weights about 110-115 kg and a female goat weights about 90-100 kg.

What is the best goat breed for commercial farming?

Some goat breeds are highly productive and very suitable for commercial farming in India. Jamunapari Goat: Jamunapari goat is a native goat breed of India. It is a highly milk and meat productive goat. But they are raised mainly for their highly milk production capacity.

How to start goat farming in India?

If you want to start goat farming in India, then you must have to go with some step by step process. First of all try to have a training on goat farming from your nearest livestock farming or training center. After that, do the rest process for starting domestic or commercial goat farming in India.

What is the role of housing in goat farming?

But, most of the goat farmers in India used to raise goats in small scale and keep them with their other livestock animals like sheep or cattle. This type of goat rearing system can’t produce maximum production.

Why are goats so high in mortality?

The beginners without any practical goat rearing training faces high mortality rate in goats due to some fatal goat diseases like PPR, pneumonia, diarrhea, tetanus etc. As they lose money during first time, they don’t want to start rearing goats again.

What is the best goat breed in India?

Surti: Surti Goat breed is one of the best breed in India for dairy . This breed is small and is native of Surat in Gujarat. They are mainly economical to the rear. Surti female goats are bigger than Surti male goats. These goats are generally white in color.

How many goats per acre?

Place required for goat farming will be, the poor ground may support 2 to 4 goats per acre while better pasture may be able to support 6 to 8 goats per acre. A general rule is that 10 goats will clear an acre in about one month. Though, stocking rates as high as 34 goats per acre have been reported.

What is the breed of goat called?

Beetal: It is also called as Lahori Goat. Beetal has a large body size and long ears. These goats are chosen for intensive goat farming. Osmanabadi: This breed is mostly found in Maharashtra and also found in Western Maharashtra and adjoining parts of Andhra Pradesh. This goat is reared mainly for the purpose of milk.

What are some interesting facts about goat farming?

Facts about goat farming: Some facts of Goat Farming. Goat farming in India is a well-established, antiquated form of farming particularly in places where the dry land farming system is practiced. It is normally practiced by farmers who have a very small area of land for farming.

Why are goats called poor cows?

Goats are hence rightly known as “ poor man’s cow ” since it has promises of good return that can serve as an investment source. Usually, goats are reared for milk and meat. Goat is a multifunctional animal and plays a main part in the economy and nutrition of landless, and marginal farmers in the country.

Why are goats raised?

Goats are raised or formed mainly for their meat, milk, fiber, and skin. Goats are developed by feeding kitchen leftovers and herbs in the front yard. They were grown for getting household consumption of milk and for making ayurvedic medicine from goat milk. There are many types of goat varieties.

Where is Jamnapari goat found?

Jamnapari: Jamnapari is the main popular breed for commercial goat farming in India. It is mainly found in Uttar Pradesh. These types of goats are beautiful and have healthy genes. This goat is reared mainly for the purpose of milk.

How to keep goats hygienic?

Goat farmers should keep hygienic conditions in and around the goat house by keeping cleaning and dry

How many goats do you need to start a goat farm?

Initially you can start with couple of goats and slowly can be increased as you go

What is the best goat breed for milk production?

If you are planning for dairy goat farm, Saanen, Jamunapari, Toggenburg, Ang lo Nubian, and Alpine are best milk productive goat breeds. Make your shed/goat house ready before you get your first batch of goats. If you are going for complete stall feeding, make all feeder and drinkers ready in the goat house.

Why is it important to fatten goats?

Goat fattening is very important in commercial goat farming to obtain good profits, proper feed management should be practiced . Pregnant goats and baby goats always require additional care, so make sure they get good attention.

How much does a goat weigh?

Total weight of All goats = 1675 kg

What are the advantages of goats?

The advantage of goats is they can be raised along with other livestock. Goat manure can be sold to other farmers to make some additional income or used in your own field to fore green fodder. You can make silage from this green forage and feed your goats . This can drastically reduce feed cost and results in good profit.

What to do if you buy goats in your town?

If you buy goats in your town, get your veterinary doctor to check the health and age

What do goats eat?

In addition they are stronger and hence can withstand all types of weather conditions. Their tongues are adapted for grazing and their upper lip is mobile. Hence they can graze on extremely short grasses, bushes, shrubs and trees. The goats must be provided with leguminous fodder in addition to grains like pulses, wheat, maize, etc. They generally prefer fodder of leguminous crops than straw or maize silage. In addition they need feed composed at least 14-15% protein along with high mineral composition like iodized salt, bone meal, zinc oxide, ferrous carbonate, high grade limestone, copper sulphate and vitamins. The growers are given 100 gm per day of concentrate mixture while adult does and bucks are given concentrate ration of 200-250 grams per day. On an average, each goat consumes 5-7 Kg of green fodder and a liter of water per day. Statistically speaking an acre of fodder is sufficient to feed 35 goats.

What are the different types of goats?

Goats are of three types: 1 Females or does 2 Uncastrated males or bucks 3 Castrated males or wethers.

Why are goats called poor cows?

Goats are hence rightly called as “poor man’s cow” since it has promises of good return that can serve as investment source.

What is goat farming?

Goat farming in India is a well-established, antiquated form of farming especially in places where dry land farming system is practiced. It is generally practiced by farmers who have a very small area of land for farming.

How old do goats have to be to start milking?

Hence it is excellent organic manure. Goat manure has high demand in organic farming. Generally, goats start milking by the age of 16-17 months. They are productive breeders and give birth to three kids within two years and producing twins is a usual feature.

What breed of goats give milk?

Goats belonging to breeds like Malabari, Black Bengal, Jamunapuri, Osmanabadi, etc. give very rich milk and good meat. Hence they are reared for both milk and meat purposes. Breeds like Cashmere or Angora are raised for their hair since it is very popular for its use as a fabric.

How long does the estrous cycle last?

The estrous cycle generally occurs every 17-21 days. The heat period lasts for 18-36 hours in a doe. Usually a teaser buck is used to detect the onset of heat in a doe. For increasing the conception rate the doe must meet the buck only after 10-15 hours of the onset of heat. The gestation period lasts for 155 days.

What is working capital in goat farming?

Working Capital includes the operational cost of any project, and here we are with the entire operating expenses of the goat farming business.

Why is a goat farming project report necessary?

Talking about the Goat Farming Project Report becomes necessary. Because the first question that comes to the mind of an ordinary man is how much it will cost to do that business. Keeping this in view, today, we will talk about the goat farming business plan. And will try to explain what things will cost and how much to do Goat Farming Business. So that people who wish to do Goat farming business can get an approximate idea of expenditure and income.

What can goats use to produce fodder?

Manure produced from Goat Farm can be used to produce fodder for goats.

How much space does a goat need?

Each Goat needs 10 square feet of space, and each he-goat needs 15 square feet of space.

What to include in a project report for a goat?

In the project report, you have to tell the goat and he-goat prices you want to buy. The interested person is of a good breed, the cost of purchasing goat and he-goat must be mentioned in the project report.

Do goats need insurance?

Besides, goats will also have to be insured, which farmers can get done under the livestock insurance scheme.

Do goats need food after accommodation?

Food is necessary after the accommodation. Therefore, the project report has to be given in detail about how much food will be given to the goats in a year. In addition, the total cost of the food is also required to be mentioned in the project report.