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Tag: Are there any products that are similar to Archer Farms products

what happened to archer farms

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What happened to Archer Farms brand?Target Corp.announced Monday it’s replacing its Archer Farms and Simply Balanced brands and condensing its Market Pantry line to make way for a new flagship food brand called Good Gather. Good Gather will be Target’s largest internal brand by the end of 2020.

What happened to Archer Farms food at Target?

July 24, 2020 Last summer, Target introduced its Good Gather line of private-label foods. Good Gather replaced many Archer Farms and Simply Balanced products, with Target rebranding its in-house items.

Are there any products that are similar to Archer Farms products?

Some of the products will be similar to their Archer Farms and Simply Balanced counterparts with some upgrades. For example, the lime flavor in the Simply Balanced sparkling water was reformulated in the Good Gather version.

What is the new Archer Farms Simply balanced?

The new line, which has been under development for a couple of years, will be free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, synthetic colors and high-fructose corn syrup. Some of the products will be similar to their Archer Farms and Simply Balanced counterparts with some upgrades.

Why choose Archer farm chickens?

Our new chicks are sourced from sustainable farms with the same ethos as Archer Farm. Their beddings are regularly cleaned and are kept where they feel safe and protected. Archer Farm provides one of the most delicious, purest, and most nutritious chicken possible, which is why our chicken is different than any other.

Why did Target expand its grocery store?

Target started expanding its grocery offerings about a decade ago, hoping that having more fresh meat and produce would help drive more trips to its big-box stores. But groceries became a weak spot for the retailer as leaders acknowledged it didn’t have a differentiated assortment.

Is Target’s in house food more profitable?

These in-house brands are generally more profitable for Target. The new food brand is aimed at invigorating Target’s grocery business, which has been showing progress the last couple of years following investments to improve its offering in a highly-competitive grocery environment.

Is Target replacing Archer Farms?

Target to replace Archer Farms, Simply Balanced with new flagship food brand. Minneapolis — Target is making its biggest play in grocery in years with the launch of a flagship private-label food brand that will completely replace Target’s Archer Farms and Simply Balanced lines and will partially swap out Market Pantry.

Simply Balanced Freeze-Dried Pineapple

You can still find dried pineapple under the Good & Gather line, but not freeze-dried pineapple. And for choosy pineapple consumers, there’s a difference!

Chocolate Oatly

The chocolate-flavored oat milk hasn’t been discontinued, but it’s no longer sold at Whole Foods and Target.

Archer Farms Apple Cider Donut Coffee

This ground coffee sounds like the perfect way to welcome fall weather. Sadly, it was discontinued in 2018.

Archer Farms Buffalo Wing Potato Chips

These chips are no longer at Target, but you can still find hot wings-flavored Ruffles in Target’s aisles.

Archer Farms S’mores Coffee

This was another fun flavor of ground coffee from Target’s Archer Farms line. If you’re missing it, Target does have Mocha Chocolate Archer Farms ground coffee, but it’s not quite the same.

Archer Farms Caramel Coffee Syrup

To add insult to injury, it wasn’t just the Archer Farms coffee that was discontinued. Its caramel coffee syrup was also discontinued, but you can still get Torani caramel coffee syrup at Target.

Archer Farms Bloody Mary Pickle Spears

If you enjoy making Bloody Marys with a pickle spear added to the mix, this Archer Farms pickle flavor streamlined the process. Sadly, they’re no longer on store shelves.