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how to start turkey farming

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How to raise turkeys successfully?

The 3 Stages to Successfully Raising Turkeys on PastureIn the Beginning. All turkeys start life on the fragile side. Turkeys (like most baby birds) should be started in a brooder.Off to the Pasture. Your birds have made it past the problematic starting stage,and they’re now ready to move to pasture.The End Has Come. You’ve managed to keep your turkeys alive until they’ve reached their final stage in life. …

How long to raise a Turkey?

How Long Does It Take To Raise Turkeys? It will take a hen turkey 16 weeks to mature completely, and average 8 lbs (3.6 kg) to 16 lbs (7.2 kg) in weight. A tom turkey will take approximately 19 weeks to mature and will weigh between 16 lbs (7.2 kg) and 24 lbs (10.8 kg).

Are turkeys easy to raise?

Turkeys are one of the easiest animals I’ve found to raise on the homestead. They are friendly, and easy to care for. Turkeys are more resistant to disease than chickens, and cleaner and less stinky than ducks. They can be fed nearly the same feed as chickens or ducks, especially if you feed Flock Raiser feed.

How to raise healthy turkeys from poults?

Raising Turkeys from PoultsCaring for Turkey Poults. If you’re shipping turkey poults or hatching eggs,you should be able to estimate an approximate date when your poults will arrive.Housing for Turkey Poults. You can prepare a brooding area for your poults similar to what you would do for chicks. …Feeding Turkey Poults. Turkeys poults each a lot of feed. …

How to remove a snood from a poult?

This is the removal of the snood or dewbill in order to prevent the head from getting injured while fighting or picking. By pressing the snood at a day old using the thumbnail or finger would remove it. A sharp scissor can be used to cut off the snood when the poult is 3 weeks old.

How long do turkey poults stay in the brooder?

Day-old Poults are brooded for 4 weeks or to about 6 weeks in the cold period. Gas brooder or infra-red bulb could be used as a source of heat or the traditional brooding systems such as coal stoves could be adopted. Click here for more information on brooding turkey poults.

What is turkey farming?

Turkey farming is the process of raising turkeys for the purpose of producing meat or eggs for food or money. Turkey, chicken, guinea fowl, duck and quail are all domestic birds that nutritionally and economically contribute to any country. Turkeys are kept or reared for meat purposes. Their meat is recognized as the leanest of all poultry species.

How long do turkey poults live?

Turkeys are not the best starters in their life and will really need some tender loving care to get them safely through the first four weeks of life. The average mortality rate is 6-10% during this period.

What is a turkey’s snood?

Snood or Dew bill: Fleshy protuberance close to the base of the beck. Caruncles: Fleshy protuberance on a turkey’s head and neck. It is usually red or pink in color. Dewlap: Large flap skin seen immediately below the chim. Beard: Tuft of hair attached located in the upper chest region.

How many eggs do turkeys lay in a year?

Under proper artificial lighting and feeding management, a female turkey will be laying around 60-100 eggs every year.

What is the scientific name of a turkey?

The scientific name of Turkey is Meleagris gallopavo, and it is a large gallinaceous bird which is a native of North America but domesticated in Europe. The breeds of turkey include: Beltsville Small White. Black Turkey. Blue Slate Turkey. Bourbon Reds Turkey. Broad Breasted White Turkey. Midget White Turkey.

What are the products that are good for turkey farming?

The products may be turkey eggs, turkey meat or live turkeys.

Why is turkey so popular?

Their popularity for meat production is due to the fact that turkey grows very fast like broiler chickens and become ready for the market within a very short time.

What equipment do you need to farm a turkey?

The equipment for turkey farming include feeders, waterers, nests, brooder and waste disposal system. All these pieces of equipment are necessary for the smooth running of your turkey farm. 6.

Why is health management important in turkey farming?

Health management in turkey farming is very vital because having a sick bird on your farm may lead to a disease outbreak.

What must the housing be able to protect the turkeys from?

The housing must be able to protect the turkeys from all types of predators and harmful animals.

Why is market research important?

Market research is very important because it will give you insight into whether there is demand for your turkey products in that area.

What is good housing?

Good housing is such that contains all types of essential facilities necessary for commercial turkey production.

What breed of turkey is used for meat production?

White Holland and Standard Bronze turkeys are also popular turkey breeds for meat production. Broad-breasted Whites and Bronzes are not actual breeds. They are just a non-standardized commercial strain used for commercial meat production purpose in farms.

How hot should a poult be?

Temperature management is also very important for poults. You need to keep the temperature of poults brooder area between 90° and 100° Fahrenheit for the first week.

What is the best way to feed a turkey?

Automatic poultry waterer and feeder are good choice for feeding and watering turkeys. Clean the feeder and waterer on a regular basis.

How much protein does a turkey need?

A mature turkey consume about 1 pound of feed daily.

What is the most common breed of turkey?

Broad-breasted white turkeys are the most common breed raise commercially in farms. The turkey meat we eat are mostly broad-breasted whites (although pasture or free range turkey will taste more flavorful than the commercial farm production variety).

How to raise turkeys?

So take proper care of your birds. Good housing, proper ventilation, fresh air circulation system and providing fresh and clean water and feed are the easiest ways for raising turkeys and keeping them free from health problems.

How much space do you need to build a turkey house?

Housing and Fencing Turkeys. For raising turkeys commercially, you need to build a good housing system with all facilities available. About 5 to 8 square feet housing space is required per turkey bird. Always keep your turkey house dry and clean and ensure sufficient flow of fresh air inside the house.

What is a broad-breasted white turkey?

Broad-breasted White is such a modern turkey breed for commercial production. The meat produced by raising this breed on pasture on a small farm, will be more tasty and flavorful than the meat produced from commercial farm. White Holland and Standard Bronze are other two popular meat producing turkey breed.

What is the difference between turkeys and other poultry?

Caring and other management for turkeys is just like many other common poultry birds. But the main difference is the size of turkeys. They are relatively larger poultry birds.

What is a broad-breasted bronze?

Broad-Breasted Bronze and Whites are just non-standardized commercial strain used for meat production (they are not actual breed).

How long does it take to market turkey?

In commercial turkey farming, the birds become suitable for marketing within 12 to 20 weeks. Marketing turkey products is very easy. Because these products have very good demand and value in the market.

How to keep birds from eating contaminated food?

Never feed your birds contaminated or outdated food. Always provide them clean and fresh water. Keep sufficient space inside the house. And lastly, take good care of your birds.

How high should a fence be?

In case of fencing, make it as high as possible. The fencing must have to be at least four feet above the ground.

How many birds can you have in a 75 foot bird house?

Ensure availability of sufficient space inside the house. Generally, 75 feet * 75 feet space is suitable for accommodating for up to 12 birds.

What is the turkey industry?

The turkey industry has also been able to respond to consumer demand for taste and convenience by pre-cooking poultry items such as turkey strips, turkey bacon, deli breast and turkey ham, and then selling them at convenience markets. All these have caused a tremendous growth in the industry.

What breed of turkey is pardoned?

Most turkey farmers especially the commercial ones produce the two. Most of the turkeys commercially sold in the United States are of the white broad-breasted variety and this is the breed of turkey that receives a presidential pardon.

Why did turkey sales drop?

Another reason for the drop in revenue was due to high commodity prices which cut into most turkey farms’ bottom line .

Why is it important to have insurance for turkeys?

Running a turkey farm can be quite risky and unpredictable which is why it is important to have insurance policies. When you have insurance, you are able to protect your turkeys against unexpected accidents, diseases and events that could have a negative impact on your business and in extension your livelihood.

How much turkey was produced in 2014?

Production of turkey in the United States rose by 3 percent in 2014 with a record 2.7 million tons on the prices for lower feeds. Exports rose by 5 percent to 354,000 tons as shipments expanded to East Asia even though Mexico retained its position as the major market.

Why do entrepreneurs use niche ideas?

Niche ideas are usually used by entrepreneurs looking to generate more revenue for themselves as well as stand out from their competitors. Niche ideas have to be researched upon thoroughly so that the entrepreneur does not waste time and effort on something that will not be beneficial.

Which country is the largest buyer of turkey meat?

Mexico is the number one purchaser of the U.S turkey meat and it accounts for 55 percent of the export market. It has purchased turkey meat that is valued at $372 million. China is the second largest market, purchasing more than $70 million of U.S turkey meat. Other significant markets are Canada and Hong Kong.