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how to farm argon crystals

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The best way to farm Argon Crystal is to be able tosearch for storages and Argon Pegmatite deposits while also killing enemies. Should you have a good farming Warframe such as a Hydroid or Nekros, you can use them accordingly.

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  • What is the best way to farm argon crystals in Warframe?

  • Ani (Void) 鈥?Survival For more experienced players, this is considered the best place to farm Argon Crystals since there is an unlimited number of enemies that you can kill. With a farming Warframe such as Hydroid or Nekros, you can easily farm Argon Crystals in no time, especially when you are in a squad.

  • How to get argon crystals fast?

  • You can get between 30 and 50 Argon Crystals an hour by efficiently running a farming squat. Desecrate Nekros, a pilfering hydroid, makes a worthy squad member, as does Smeeta Kavat. Only gather when Charm is triggered so you can get guaranteed double loot. In a survival mission, look for a room with one opening.

  • How reliable is argon Crystal farming?

  • Argon Crystal farming is unreliable, there are times when you go farming for 20 minutes and you don鈥檛 find single argon and there are times when you find 5-10 within a run of 5 minutes.

  • What is the best void mission to farm argon crystals?

  • Best Void Missions For Farming Argon Crystals. 1 Mission #1: Ani 鈥?Void (ACF-5) You can get Argon Crystals from this mission as well as other resources you might need in the future. This is the … 2 MISSION #2: Ukko 鈥?Void. 3 MISSION #3: Oxomoco 鈥?Void (ACFU-2)

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