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where to buy sam farmer products

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  • What makes stamfrey Farm Organics different?

  • The team at Stamfrey Farm Organics take pride in the way our clotted cream and YORG yoghurt products are crafted. For any batch, we can trace back to the exact field the cows were in.

  • How our client can monitor organic farming&ask farmers?

  • Our client can directly monitor organic farming ask farmers to work as per their instructions and it will give 100% organic produce satisfaction to our client as per their needs.

  • How can I Sell my agricultural produce online?

  • Online Semi Retail wholesale 鈥?Online farmers’ Market (KisanMandi.com): Now farmers can submit their Agri Produce for sale to Food Processing Company, Food Chains, Retail Stores Institutional Buyers with help of our Gram Sahayaks at KisanMandi.com

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