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how to farm axi relics

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Xini on Erosis a great way to farm Axi Relics. Doing the Tier 5 bounty on either Earth or Venus will give you a pretty high chance to get one or even multiple Axi relics 鈥?but you can only get the newest Axi relics here.

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  • How do you get AXI relics?

  • On Lua, you get Axi Relics from the first round on, if you defend all conduits succesfully. Then you can just do that as long as you want. In rotation C, you can even get a Lua lens and a universal medallions. But the coolest thing is: From Round 4 on you only need to defend one frickin conduit for Axi to drop.

  • What are the chances of getting AXI relics in Warframe?

  • Along with this, there are almost 77.42% chances of getting the Axi relics. In this mission, you will not need many strong Warframes and weapons, but you can take the Khora Warframe for its speed, ability, and ability strength.

  • Are axi relics easier to farm than neo relics?

  • While lower tier relics are usually easier to farm, getting your hands on (multiple) Axi relics can be very grindy. But if you know where to look and what equipment to bring you will be able to not only farm efficiently for the newest Axi relic additions, but also get Neo relics as well as some resources, Endo and more.

  • Where can I farm AXI relic in Destiny 2?

  • Axi is the rarest and hardest-to-find type of Relic, appearing in some of the game鈥檚 tough areas and something that most players will need to play for a while to be able to farm reliably. One of the best places to farm Axi Relics is Xini on Eris. The B and C rotations on this Interception will drop an Axi Relic.

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