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how to farm dragon balls

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  • How do you farm Dragon Balls in Xenoverse 2?

  • HOW TO FARM In the first Xenoverse game, there was a method to farming Dragon Balls that revolved around a particular Parallel Quest and it looks like Xenoverse 2 has a similar farming method. In Xenoverse 2, enter Parallel Quest 4 (Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans) and quickly defeat the first three enemies.

  • How do you get Dragon Balls in Time Patrol?

  • Challenge the time patrollers to a fight and beat them. Time Patrollers always drop one of 3 item types: materials, equipment, key items. Look out for 鈥渒ey items鈥? those are always Dragon Balls! It will display the type of drop at the bottom of the screen.

  • How do you get Dragon Balls in Conton City?

  • The AIs that want to fight can be found with a blue marker over their bodies. Talk to them and they will challenge you to a fight. The frequency of the battles that show up in Conton City are random and it may take you some traveling around and time to find enough battles to receive Dragon Balls.

  • What’s the fastest way to get more than 3 Dragonballs?

  • While pq 79 gives you the best chance at gaining more than 3 dragonballs, pq 23 is the fastest one and you can run it atleast 2-3 times over the other one I usually mix the two up to break up the monotony that comes with Xenoverse. We’re here. It’s now. We live forever. Hardcore love of the Never Dead. SergeHimself posted… seedz252 posted…

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