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is barramundi farmed

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OverviewBarramundi is a popular fish in restaurants and home cookingDemand in Australia is highIt is farmed in all states of Australia except TasmaniaFish can be grown in indoor recirculating or flow-through aquaculture (tank) systems,land-based pond operations and sea cagesMore items…

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  • Where do barramundi live in the wild?

  • Farmed barramundi are mainly produced on land in tanks and ponds, with minor volumes produced in the ocean in sea cages in Western Australia. As an omnivorous species, barramundi are dependent on the fishmeal and fish oil in feed sourced from wild caught fish.

  • How does barramundi farming affect the environment?

  • The amount of wild caught fish needed to produce fishmeal and oil for barramundi feed is approximately equal to or less than the amount of farmed fish produced. This means that the farms aren鈥檛 taking out more fish from the ocean than they produce. Minimal environmental impacts from both land-based and sea cage production methods.

  • What is barramundi aquaculture?

  • Barramundi aquaculture. Barramundi ( Lates calcarifer) farming is the second largest aquaculture activity in Queensland after marine prawn farming. Barramundi are grown in a variety of culture systems across Australia. Queensland’s climate permits pond-based production of plate-sized fish, while one sea cage operation produces larger fish.

  • Why is Australian farmed-barramundi so popular?

  • Demand for barramundi is so high that around 70% of the fish consumed in Australia is imported from countries like Thailand and Vietnam. This demand contributes to its popularity as a choice for aquaculture. The Australian farmed-barramundi industry started in the mid 1980s and barramundi is now farmed in every state of Australia (except Tasmania).

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