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don t bet the farm

don t bet the farm插图

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  • What is betting the farm?

  • To risk everything on a venture that one thinks will be successful. Primarily heard in US. I wouldn’t bet the farm on that wacky invention. He’s broke now because he bet the farm on a failed business venture.

  • Should you bet the farm on BlackBerry?

  • You bet the farm that a product will move, but instead, it. BlackBerry has bet the farm on the two handsets restoring its fortunes after several years in which it has had to watch firms such as Apple and Samsung erode its global market share.

  • Would You Bet the farm on Brad Pitt’s new horror film?

  • Make no mistake, the good folks in Burbank have bet the farm – to the tune of $200m – on Brad Pitt’s new zombie horror. You bet the farm that a product will move, but instead, it.

  • Is Nissan betting the farm on all-electrics?

  • Nissan, by contrast, has bet the farm on all-electrics, unveiling its second model this month — despite weak sales of its flagship Leaf — and is pushing the technology in China, where officials are scrambling to contain an air pollution crisis. Once they have decided on moving forward, they don’t bet the farm by taking huge risks.

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