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how to make a worm farm from a wheelie bin

how to make a worm farm from a wheelie bin插图

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  • What size wheelie bin do I need for a worm farm?

  • The 240 litre wheelie bin solution is not only our best seller, but in our opinion, is the best value. Designed for large families, schools, commercial offices, cafeterias and canteens, this worm farm is suitable for consuming around 4-5kg of worm food every day!

  • Can you make a worm farm out of recycled trash cans?

  • Making worm farms out of recycled trash cans, or wheelie bins, municipalities issue for garbage or recycling services, is a great way to create compost for your garden soil. It also helps reduce landfill waste when you use waste scraps for compost. The bins are vermin-proof, durable and portable because they are on wheels.

  • How to turn green wheelie bin into compost bin?

  • Solution – Turn Green Wheelie Bin into COMPOST BIN 1) cut a flap on the front to allow access to compost 2) add a tap at the bottom to allow for collection of liquid plant food from the compost heap

  • How do you use a worm farm?

  • At each point C, drill a hole and put a bolt through holding the flap in place on the side of the main body of the worm farm. This will allow the flap to be opened and closed making it a chute for pulling the worm compost out onto. You have now finished your worm farm and can start using it.

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