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what is biosecurity in poultry farm

what is biosecurity in poultry farm插图

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Bio-security refers to the measures and methods adopted to secure a disease free environment for profitability of farm. It is reducing the chances of infections agents from coming into contact with poultry thus protecting the flock from infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites.

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  • What is biosecurity guide for commercial poultry production?

  • Biosecurity Guide for Commercial Poultry Production in the Middle East and North Africa 鈥? Provide a one-way flow of traffic on the farm from the least contaminated to the most contaminated areas. Avoid backtracking of people, equipment and vehicles on the farm.

  • What is biosecurity?

  • DEFINITION AND BASIC PRINCIPLES OF BIOSECURITY Biosecurity simply means 鈥榳hat do we have to do to keep diseases from entering a poultry farm鈥? Biosecurity has been defined as 鈥榠nformed common sense鈥? This means that the basic principles of biosecurity are learned and this is combined with common sense husbandry practices.

  • Do you need a Biosecurity Plan for your farm?

  • Having the documentation on a farm can prove a plan was in effect even if the farm is located inside a disease control zone and is worth the time considering the possible financial implications of an outbreak. Martin went over the 12 points of the biosecurity planning document:

  • How to reduce the risk of disease in poultry farming?

  • Disease incidences are higher in old and densely populated poultry farms. Bio-security is of immense help to reduce disease hazards and improve health and productivity of birds. Optimum and profitable poultry production can be achieved by reducing disease risk to minimum extent.

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