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can you donate your body to the body farm

can you donate your body to the body farm插图

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Family members are also able to donatethe bodies of their loved ones. Lastly, and most commonly, youcandonateyourbodytoabodyfarm(post-mortem, of course), by filling out a consent form. In fact, the number of bodydonationshas grown to the point where some bodyfarmsdeny more donorsthan they accept.

People also ask

  • Can my body be accepted as a body for donation?

  • Terms can vary according to the medical school and certain medical or physical conditions may prevent your body from being accepted for donation. You may be advised of this when you apply. A donor body should arrive at the facility as soon as possible after the death.

  • What happens to bodies that are donated for research?

  • Those who have donated their bodies for study can be collected quickly by the Body Farm and put to use aiding science after their death. 鈥淭he Body Donation Program is the heart and soul of the Forensic Anthropology Center,鈥?as the website for the University of Tennessee points out.

  • Can I Donate my Body to the Department of Anthropology?

  • See our FAQs about Body Donation. Please direct all questions and correspondence to: Please Read the Forensic Anthropology Donation Program Policy. Donation of your body to the Department of Anthropology does not prevent donation of other tissues or organs.

  • Can you visit body farms?

  • As far as we can tell, most body farms do not allow members of the public to tour their facilities. Anthropologists, forensic scientists and journalists are typically the only people allowed to visit body farms鈥nd the bodies, of course. How Can I Donate my Body to a Body Farm?

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