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what time does farmer boys stop serving breakfast

what time does farmer boys stop serving breakfast插图

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  • What is a Farmer Boys Breakfast?

  • Breakfast at Farmer Boys means real cage-free eggs in the shell. Farmer Boys coffee is ground at the restaurant. Our orange juice is fresh squeezed locally, never pasteurized.

  • What is Farmer Boys known for?

  • Known for being a farm-to-table restaurant, one of Farmer Boys鈥?specialties is cooking farm-fresh breakfasts for its customers. For 35 years Farmer Boys has been grilling and sizzling in the morning to provide fresh breakfast menu options for everyone.

  • What makes Farmer Boys different from other restaurants?

  • Dressings are house-made from our own family recipes. When you get a Farmer鈥檚 Burger, you get pure, hand cut, mashed avocado, no fillers. Breakfast at Farmer Boys means real cage-free eggs in the shell. Farmer Boys coffee is ground at the restaurant.

  • What is healthy dining at Farmer Boys?

  • Healthy Dining provides guests with nutritional information and dietitian recommended Farmer Boys menu item choices. The flavorful cooked-to-order menu items featured on HealthyDiningFinder.com range from grilled chicken sandwiches to hand-chopped salads and wraps, and even our fresh orchard fruit.

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    is farmer boys open today

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  • How many Farmer Boys restaurants are there?

  • A year later, the first independently owned Farmer Boys restaurant opened in Temecula, California. At last count, there were over 90 Farmer Boys restaurants at locations all over Southern and Central California and in Nevada. Today, thanks to an ever-expanding franchise operation, the Farmer Boys family continues to grow.

  • Where did the Farmer Boys start their business?

  • Growing up on the island of Cyprus, the brothers work on the family farm and in the family restaurant. Known to friends and family as 鈥淭he Farmer Boys,鈥?they learn the importance of hard work and grilling a killer burger. Mike, Harry, and Chris buy their first restaurant, Astro Burger, in Torrance, CA.

  • Is there a Farmer Boys in Orange County?

  • It will be the twelfth Farmer Boys location in Orange County. The Huntington Beach restaurant will be operated by existing franchisee Dilip Bhavnani. Bhavnani has been in the restaurant industry as an owner and operator for nearly 30 years.

  • What kind of food does Farmer Boys have?

  • Founded in 1981, Farmer Boys is a farm-to-table fast casual restaurant chain serving award-winning burgers and all-day breakfast, stacked sandwiches, hand-chopped salads, and signature hand-breaded zucchini sticks and onion rings. At Farmer Boys, Farm Food Ain鈥檛 Fast Food.

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