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don t tell the bride farm wedding

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  • What is don鈥檛 tell the bride?

  • Don’t Tell the Bride is a British show where a couple are given more than 10,000 to plan a wedding, but the groom makes all the decisions and the bride has no idea until the day what it will look like. Here are some of weirdest and most wonderful ones.

  • How do I apply for don鈥檛 tell the bride?

  • Couples can apply for Don鈥檛 Tell The Bride via an online application form. In the form, you鈥檙e asked to attach a recent and clear photo of the two of you. You鈥檙e also asked for links to your social media accounts, whether you have children and whether you live together.

  • Who was the first couple not to get married on Don’t Tell the bride?

  • Don’t Tell The Bride has provided us with years of entertainment as we’ve watched grooms plan some dodgy nuptials much to the disappointment of their brides to be. Recently, engaged couple Sofia and Craig made headlines as the first ever couple to not get married on the show.

  • What is the budget for don鈥檛 tell the Bride 2019?

  • Don鈥檛 Tell the Bride 2019. Social media has it that Simon and Kaleigh鈥檚 Vegas disaster wedding can鈥檛 be topped. But we鈥檙e sure Channel 4鈥檚 got some goodies up its sleeve for the 2019 series. The budget has risen to 13,000 giving the grooms even more cash to mess things up! Get ready to shout at your TV screens, folks.

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