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where is buttercup farm

where is buttercup farm插图

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  • Does Buttercup Farm sell raw cow’s milk?

  • Buttercup Farm sell raw cow’s milk and other produce like veggies, eggs, raw honey, goat milk soap and firewood. The cows are a variety of Jerseys, a red and white Holstein, a Swiss Brown and a few are Guernseys. They have adorable names: Daisy, Peanut Butter, Cocoa Butter, Fuzzy, Ginger Snap, Fern, Flower, Ethel, Blossom and Moses the bull.

  • Who is Buttercup Farm?

  • Buttercup Farm in the quiet eastern corner of Connecticut is run by Megan Johnson and her capable team. She started the farm in 2004 with the help of Brad Davis, who is still involved in the running of the farm.

  • Where is the farm in Buttercup filmed?

  • The scenes that take place on Buttercup鈥檚 farm were filmed at the real-world farm of Bradley Rocks just outside the small town of Birchover, England. Distant views of the farm were filmed from a footpath near Robin Hood鈥檚 Stride, another filming location for The Princess Bride.

  • Where is buttercups tearoom?

  • Buttercups Tearoom is situated in a converted barn on Rushfield Farm. With views overlooking the picturesque Leicestershire countryside, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy time with family or friends. We have both indoor and outdoor seating available and dogs are welcome.

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