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Tag: Can I Sell foxfarm products in my store

can you reuse fox farm ocean forest

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Can I reuse fox farm soil?

For shame! I reuse fox farm all the time. Throw a 25lb bag of work castings in and 3 pales of perlite, mix it up and back in bags for plants. Its soil not plastic lol.

Is Fox Farm ocean forest soil good for growing indoors?

We use Fox Farm Ocean Forest as our base soil for growing plants indoors at Uptowngrowlab. (Stuff Stoners Like uses Roots Organics —BTW). We’ve noticed that Fox Farm Ocean Forest is not hot. In fact Fox Farms Ocean Forest is ph is balanced and there are plenty of minerals, mycorizhae, worm castings already in it.

How do I make additions to foxfarm soil?

We’ll discuss the process of making additions to Foxfarm soil in a future article soon. Because of all the available nutrients in Fox Farm Ocean Forest you can wait six weeks after you plants go into the soil before you need to add anything. The only things we may do is mix in some extra worm castings and perlite.

Can I Sell foxfarm products in my store?

If you are an end-use customer, please refer to our Dealer Locator to find a store near you that carries FoxFarm products. If you are interested in selling FoxFarm products in your store, please call us at (800) 4FOXFARM, and we will refer you to a distributor of FoxFarm products. How do I carry FoxFarm products at my retail location?

What is the soil in the ocean forest?

The Ocean Forest Potting Soil encompasses a light texture that enables permanent aeration and drainage. this is often thanks to sandy loam, made up of sand, silt, and clay.

What is the pH of sphagnum moss?

With an adjusted pH ranging within the 6.3 to 6.8pH to permit for max fertilizer uptake, it’s ideal even for first-time growers to use.

How much is Ocean Forest soil?

it’s available in various packages. The 35-liter bag is priced at a touch quite $30, so it’s dearer compared to other organic potting mixes. However, given its efficiency in the slightest degree growing phases from seedlings to mature plants, you may not regret the value.

What is the last oceanic amendment?

The last oceanic amendment is shrimp meal, a natural bio-activator that helps the soil break down. Shrimp meal has multiple benefits for the plants, from encouraging root growth to delivering micronutrients, restoring the soil’s fertility, and providing chitin as crab meal does.

Is humus good for plants?

Composted forest humus holds nutrients that may help plants to grow, so it’s an especially effective natural fertilizer. It offers a “balanced diet” to your plants by releasing nutrients over time, almost sort of a drip-feed. Another advantage of forest humus is that it encourages the proliferation of soil organisms that continually provide the plant with nutrients. Composted forest humus may be a relatively rare ingredient in many pre-mixed soils, so it puts the Ocean Forest Potting Soil above many similar products on the market.

Is crab meal a good pesticide?

Crab meal is another fantastic amendment to the soil, which slowly releases nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium to the plants. it’s also a bio-pesticide because it’s high in chitin, a natural bug repellent.

What is NPK in fertilizer?

NPK is a rating system that describes the amount of nitrogen (N), available phosphorus (P 2 O 5 ), and soluble potassium (K 2 O) in a fertilizer. The NPK nutrient values are expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the product in the package. As an example, our Happy Frog ® Tomato & Vegetable fertilizer has an NPK of 5-7-3.

How to grow a sage plant in a gallon of water?

Begin with a gallon of clean water. Add each fertilizer product to this gallon of water in the recommended doses. If growing in soil, adjust the pH of your nutrient solution to between 5.6 and 6.8, and if growing hydroponically, adjust your pH to between 5.8 – 6.3.

What are humic acids?

Humic acids are a natural by-product of decomposed organic matter. They contains trace amounts of nutrients and help hold other nutrients in the soil where plants can use them. They can hold water in the soil, and generally improve soil structure for better seed germination and plant growth.

How many cups of fertilizer in a Happy Frog?

On average, there are 11 cups of fertilizer in each of the four-pound Happy Frog ® packages. This measurement varies slightly from product to product, because each Happy Frog ® variety has a slightly different volume. Happy Frog ® Cavern Culture is considerably more dense than the other Happy Frog ® varieties, with 7 cups in each 4 lb. bag. Some of our Happy Frog ® products also come in a 50 lb. bag for large gardens and landscapes. On average, there are 135 cups in these 50 pound packages, and approximately 87 cups per 50 lb. bag of Happy Frog ® Cavern Culture.

What is the relationship between a fungus and the roots of a plant?

Mycorrhizae is a word that describes a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and the roots of a plant. Mycorrhizal fungi attach to plant roots and deliver water and nutrients to them. Tiny strands, called hyphae, can stretch long distances in the soil in search of the nutrients a plant needs.

What is the form of phosphorus in fertilizer?

It helps plants transfer energy from one part of the plant to another. The form of Phosphorus guaranteed in fertilizers is P 2 O 5, or Available Phosphor us. Potassium (K), represented by the third number, helps build strong cellular walls, enabling plants to better resist disease.

Can you use all fertilizers together?

Not all fertilizers are created equal. The best way to avoid burning your plants it is to use each fertilizer as directed. If you plan to use a variety of FoxFarm fertilizers together, please reference our feeding schedules for detailed instructions.

How to recycle soil?

There is also a little info here on HOW to recycle soil. Mix 50%/50% old and new, add organic nutrients, add worms, add composted material, mycorrhizae, microbes, soil bacteria. Allow time for cooking, let it bake in the sun for a month or two. Basically, give the soil an environment that refreshes it for a new grow.

How do farmers use disks?

Tell your neighbor that farmers use huge, heavy disks to turn over their land between crops. Some that have less fertile land change crops each harvest for different effects on the soil and nute intake.

Why use enzymes in growing?

With continuous use of an enzyme formulation along with the presence of healthy microbial life, all the dead organic matter is broken down by the enzymes and the micro bes further chemically decompose all of what would otherwise be pathogens if left to simply rot in the soil. I’m no expert in the overall decomposition process but I know what I need to do in order to help my plants and soil thrive.

Do farmers use the same topsoil?

Contrary to some of the posts, I think the comparison to farmers using the same topsoil is valid. Talking about how they use a tractor to disc it is beside the point. Farmers go to great lengths to care for the topsoil by amending it, letting it rest, rotating crops, planting crops like alfalpha that add N, having soil tested and correcting deficiencies and depletions, etc. Recycling soil for your next grow is the same, even if on a smaller scale than what professional wheat or potato or grape farmers do.

Can you reuse dirt?

No, they are bagging up dirt and amending it. Which is what you do if you reuse it.

Is NPK acidic or neutral?

Usually by crop’s end the PH is way off toward acidic with the P from NPK. I have tried neutralizing the stuff and adding it to outdoor holes and it works. Also neutralizing it and mixing it 1/3 with your new stuff indoors, works for me as well.

Can you re-use FFOF?

I do know a person that re-uses FFOF by re amending and cooking, but this is also organics and he usually mixes it 1/2&1/2 with fresh, with very good results.

How long after planting Fox Farm Ocean Forest can you add water?

Just Add Water. Because of all the available nutrients in Fox Farm Ocean Forest you can wait six weeks after you plants go into the soil before you need to add anything. The only things we may do is mix in some extra worm castings and perlite.

How long is Fox Farm good for after transplant?

After you transplant your girls into that larger container of Fox Farm Ocean Forest you should be good for four weeks of just adding water. Yes, you can go ahead and ignore that Fox Farm feeding schedule, dude. You’re welcome.

Is Fox Farm organic?

Fox Farm and Organic Growing. If you’re going for an all organic grow make sure your nutrients are organic—not just ‘organically based.’. There are nutrients from FoxFarm and others available that are both 100% organic and organic-based. So do your homework.

Is Fox Farm Ocean Forest hot?

We’ve noticed that Fox Farm Ocean Forest is not hot. In fact Fox Farms Ocean Forest is ph is balanced and there are plenty of minerals, mycorizhae, worm castings already in it. So you don’t need to really do anything to it. Adding additional items to soil could make it hot.

Who is the author of The Kitchen?

To answer all your cultivation questions we’ve teamed-up with experts Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy, authors of The Kitchen presented by Uptowngrowlab —an oversized, hard-covered, coffee table book that’s 50% grow guide, 50% adventure story and 100% awesome.

What is the pH of coco loco?

You could always try Bush Doctor (Fox Farms) Coco Loco. It has amendments and is treated more like soil with a ph range of 6.3-6.8. I’ve been using it for a long while. I also use their straight coco called Plain Jane Big boy Pants. I have mixed the two for my next run to start after the Thanksgiving week.

How to use Ocean Forest Soil?

If you do want to use the Ocean Forest Soil I’d use it with Happy Frog Soil as well putting the Ocean Forest Soil on the Bottom Half of the Pot and the Happy Frog on the Top Half. This way it starts off in Good Not so Hot Soil and Grows it’s way in to that Rich Hotter Soil and takes off like a Rocket Ship. I’ve done this with Autoflowers and has always worked out Pretty Good for me. Also mixed in Azomite and Plant got so Fat it looked like it was on Steroids lol.

Can you use Fox Farms Ocean Forest for happy frogs?

I’ve used fox farms ocean forest as long as I have been growing auto s but i fill my top 1/3 of the pot with happy frog because as said it’s hot soil. PH seems to be fine, starts off a little low but balances out when watering correctly.