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Tag: Can I send pies or crisps to Goldbelly

how much do elegant farmer pies cost

how much do elegant farmer pies cost插图

Apple Pie from Elegant Farmer 8 pie, 6-8 slices$36Cherry Crisp from Elegant Farmer 8 pie, 6-8 slices $36

How much does an apple pie cost?

Apple and pumpkin pie use the same type of crusts, so the prices will be duplicated here: $13.49, $3.19, and $3.79. At the end of the day, the total cost of a homemade apple pie ranges from $7.57 to $28.88. Tangy, lightly sour, and full of fresh flavor, key lime pie is a refreshing treat with a smooth filling.

Why are grocery store pies so expensive?

Even grocery store pies can be on the higher end of the price scale than other confectionaries. This is because of all of the logistics and planning that goes into packaging and shipping pies. Frozen pie needs to be shipped in a way that will keep it from getting crushed or melted.

Can you eat frozen pie at the grocery store?

Every grocery store’s freezer aisle is liable to contain at least one or two offerings of frozen pie. There are more brands and flavors than can be counted, and some may be region or even store specific. Some will need to be defrosted in the fridge before they’re ready to eat, others need to be baked.

Can I send pies or crisps to Goldbelly?

All of our pies, baked goods, deli items and specialty foods are available in our market! If you would like to SEND any of our Pies, Crisps or Hams please visit our exclusive ONLINE seller Goldbelly. You will need to place two separate orders on the two sites for online items to be sent.