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Tag: Can I transfer my 4 4 farm membership to someone else

how to get to collingwood children’s farm

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Getting Here There are several ways to get to the FarmBy train– Catch the Epping or Hurstbridge line train and get off at Victoria Park train station. Walk 5 to 10 minutes east along Johnston Street, turn right into Clarke Street and left into St Heliers Street.

What can you do at Collingwood childnre’s farm?

A haven for children and adults alike, Collingwood Childnre’s Farm offers daily activities and acres of paddocks and gardens for you to explore. Cuddle a guinea pig or snuggle with goats, enjoy workshops with the gardener or sit back with a coffee and observe the goings on of a thriving community farm; there’s something for everyone!

Where are the Best Children’s farms in Melbourne?

Collingwood Childrens Farm (Abbotsford) Only 5km from the centre of Melbourne, nestled on a bend of the Yarra River lies seven hectares of paddocks, gardens, orchards, rustic buildings and shady trees.

Can I transfer my 4 4 farm membership to someone else?

4 Farm memberships are strictly non-transferable – thank you for your cooperation. Welcome to Collingwood Children’s Farm! The Farm is many things to many people but what we aren’t is a park or a zoo – please don’t expect a petting zoo experience.

What can you do at the Yarra Valley Farm?

Visitors can milk the cow at 10am and 4pm, bottle feed young lambs (seasonal), wander around, feed the animals, help with farm chores, go into the paddocks with the sheep and goats, cuddle a guinea pig, waddle with the ducks, feed the chooks, look for eggs or just sit and unwind under a shady tree or on the banks of the Yarra river.