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can o worms home worm farm

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What is a can O worms worm farm?

The Can O Worms worm farm is a basic 2 tray worm bin system. The worm farm design is simple and easy to maintain. The trays are quite large in size. Only 2 trays are necessary.

Is the can O Worms bin good for beginners?

The Can O Worms was the first ever worm farm I used. I purchased my Can O Worms a few years ago now from a local hardware store. The worm farm is an affordable and simple designed 2 tray worm bin. An excellent choice when starting out. In this Can O Worms review, you will find out why this bin is great for beginners.

What makes a good worm farm?

The world’s best-selling worm farm has been designed with built-in mounds to encourage worms to move from collector trays to working trays, unique flow-through ventilation to maximise performance, and no mess extras like well-designed legs and a drip-free tap. Recycles 6-9lbs of kitchen waste every week to lower your carbon footprint

How much do can O Worms cost?

Obviously price is a factor in our Can O Worms review. The Can O Worms is one of the more affordable worm farms on the market. You can expect to pay less than $100 USD which is a bargain.

How many worms can a 3 tray worm bin hold?

3 Working Trays hold up to 20,000 worms when fully functional (no additional trays needed) (as compared to other worm bins on the market) Self-harvesting, worms do all of the work, stackable, patented tray system. Tray system allows for maximum circulation.

What is the best material for worm bins?

An excellent starting material for your worm bin made from coconut husks.

Do worms self harvest?

Self-harvesting, worms do all of the work, stackable, patented tray system

How long does it take for worm castings to get full?

And you will occasionally lift the trays for general housecleaning and checking the conditions in the bin. It might take 2-3 months before the top tray gets full.

What is a worm farm leachate tray?

The tray has a spigot attached which makes it easy to drain and harvest worm farm leachate (worm tea). The liquid collection tray is large in size. This improves airflow to the bottom tray. And it also means you do not need to collect the worm farm leachate or worm tea that often.

How many trays does a worm casting have?

Only has 2 trays. Not as easy to harvest worm castings as the trays can become very heavy. The plastic isn’t very strong and the legs are prone to buckle underneath. Only basic setup instructions provided. Rainwater can get into the bin due to the air ventilation holes on top.

How many trays are needed for a worm farm?

The worm farm design is simple and easy to maintain. The trays are quite large in size. Only 2 trays are necessary. The tray on top is where the food goes (the working or feeder tray). Find out how to feed your worms. By the time the top tray is full, you can harvest the worm castings in the bottom tray.

How many legs does a can o worm farm have?

The Can O Worms worm farm parts are easy to assemble. There’s a lid, 5 legs, 2 trays, a liquid collection tray and a spigot.

What is a rain bin made of?

The bin is made from plastic which is not very breathable. Each tray is large in size which creates lot of air space in the top tray. Also, the lid contains lots of tiny air holes. Some rainwater may get in but I have not found this to be a problem.

How much does a can o worm cost?

The Can O Worms is one of the more affordable worm farms on the market. You can expect to pay less than $100 USD which is a bargain.

What is the best worm for composting?

When it comes to composting, the best earthworm for the job are the Red wiggler worms. Red wigglers eat a lot (they can actually consume organic materials more than their weight for each day), can multiply in number real fast, and can live-off of spaces that are confined and congested.

Can you harvest castings from a composter?

You can just easily remove the first tray and harvest the castings from there, without having to disturb or remove the worms from the composter. When it comes to making a worm farm, also make sure that the food that you put into the composter remains loose.

Can o worms compost?

When it comes to a Can-O-Worms, how do you maintain such a Worm Bin for vermicomposting purposes? Just like any worm composter, it will always need some care and upkeep. Not only will bacteria, fungi, insects and other microorganisms be present in the system, there will be worms to your care as well. These worms will also be the ones to help recycle your organic scraps at home, so it’s just suitable to look out for them, as if they were like your pets. Heed their needs, and they’ll be able to produce for you some nutrient-rich and valuable source of compost.

Is a odorless system good for recycling?

It’s an odorless system that helps promote recycling, thu s it being an environmental friendly unit. Other than that, it’s very handy to have at home, since you can easily place it indoors (beside your kitchen counter, under your sink, by your balcony) or outdoors.

How many worms are in a worm and bedding kit?

When we supply it with a Worm and Bedding kit, this is a substantial amount of worms – .5kg (around 500 to 700 worms) it also includes a large amount of specially prepared bedding (15 litres) this is necessary to get a successful start unlike the small pouches of worms (please note – no bedding and around 100 worms) as supplied by all other suppliers, you can see our kit under worm and bedding kits at £39.50, if purchased seperately, here: https://www.wormsdirectuk.co.uk/product/worm-and-bedding-kits/ this is INCLUDED in the price for “with worms and bedding” at a substantial saving.

How big is a sandbox?

Dimensions are 29″ x 20″ (because it’s round!) assembled in cm it’s 74 tall x 51 wide.

Can O Worms stack?

The Can O Worms is a circular wormery, it is one of the longest established stacking tray systems and has a proven track record. Sorry not available Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, N.I. Scottish Highlands, all AB postcodes and all Scottish off shore. Wormeries.

Does wormery have worms?

The basic wormery with no worms is just that, it is complete except it does not include the worms or bedding, it does not include unneccessary items such as “worm blanket” or “wormery conditioner” and is therefore offered at a much lower price.

What Is Vermicast?

Vermicast is a wonderful, nutrient rich and beneficial fertiliser that is created as a by product of the activity in your worm farm. It’s a big part of the reason gardeners decide to set up a worm farm, as well as the added benefit of easily getting rid of organic waste.

How To Harvest Your Vermicast

How you’ll harvest your vermicast depends on the type of worm farm you have.

Save Your Strays

Regardless of which type of worm farm you have, when you remove the castings you’ll likely find a few worms left behind.

Harvesting Your Worms

If your worm farm is working well, you may find you soon have an over abundance of worms.