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Tag: can you bring water bottles into knotts berry farm

can you bring water bottles into knott’s berry farm

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Unopened water bottles, baby food and food for guests with special dietary restrictions are permitted. No other outside food, drink or snack items are permitted to be brought inside Knott’s Berry Farm or Knott’s Soak City.

Can you bring a water bottle to the Berry Farm?

Yes… plastic bottle of water is fine, and snacks , like other people have mentioned no outside food as pizza , McDonald’s, IHOP, Subway, only snacks size packs , Knott’s chicken restaurant is fine and Knott’s pastries…. good luck and have fun .. hopefully this will help your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm… Yes. You can bring water bottles.

Can you bring food into the park at Knott’s Berry Farm?

No other outside food, drink or snack items are permitted to be brought inside Knott’s Berry Farm or Knott’s Soak City. Items also not allowed in the park include radios, stereos, cassette recorders, sleeping bags, luggage, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and large coolers (Larger than 1’x1’x1’).

How do I refill my water bottle at Knott’s?

You’ll simply place your water bottle on the refillable water station If you forget to bring your own water bottle at the park, or would rather just purchase a bottle when you’re at the park, Knott’s offers an All-Season Souvenir bottle at an additional cost.

Do you need to bring alcohol to Knott’s Soak City?

You don’t need to bring alcoholic drinks to Knott’s Soak City. You can purchase beer and wine throughout the park at the vendors. Beer is about $10 a cup and wine is around $8 a glass. Do you need to bring a floatie?

What size coolers are allowed in Soak City?

Outside food and/or beverages, glass containers, and coolers are restricted from entering. Small hand-held coolers not exceeding 12"x18" in size will be allowed that contain water bottles and sports drinks only. Soak City offers food venues to meet all tastes. Options include Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Pizza, Sub Sandwiches, Salads, Chicken Tenders and a variety of Gluten Free and Vegetarian options. A variety of beverage products are served at each food venue. Food and Drink Carts are also located throughout the park.

How much does it cost to replace a souvenir bottle?

You can replace a lost or damaged Souvenir Bottle if it is associated with a Season Pass. There is a $5.00 charge for replacing an All Season Souvenir Bottle. Souvenir bottles not associated to a Season Pass cannot be deactivated or replaced. Visit any Souvenir Bottle location for assistance.

How much is the California Marketplace parking?

California Marketplace parking lot offers free parking for up to 1 hour. Each additional half hour or portion is $10 each with a maximum daily charge of $30. All lost tickets will be charged $30. An additional 2 hours of free parking is available with a validated ticket and receipt showing an $18 or more minimum purchase from any California Marketplace restaurant or shop. Guests with a disabled placard may park all-day in the California Marketplace for $20. All-Season Parking is not valid without a disabled person placard.

Can you refund tickets from Knotts?

If you purchased tickets for the incorrect date from knotts.com, please repurchase the correct tickets and we will refund the original order. Once the new order has been placed, please send the confirmation number that needs to be refunded and the new confirmation number by contacting us. If the tickets were not purchased directly from knotts.com, we are unable to refund or replace them. Please contact the company you purchased the tickets from for more information about their refund policy and instructions.

Do tickets expire on the day you purchase them?

Your tickets will technically expire on the day you purchase them for, but you can apply the value of the expired tickets to new tickets. The cost is the difference between what you paid for your ticket and the cost of a ticket when you visit. Many times there is no difference in price, but sometimes there will be a small few dollar difference. Please visit the Information Center or Guest Relations window to receive a non-expired ticket.

Can you add all season dining to a season pass?

You can add both All Season Dining and All Season Parking to your Season Pass after you purchase by visiting the upgrade section of the store. Please note that All Season Dining and All Season Parking can only be part of an easy pay payment plan if purchased at the same time as your Season Pass. They are not able to be added to an easy payment plan after a Season Pass has been purchased. The full price will be charged at the time of purchase.

Can you upgrade a season pass to a gold pass?

Please visit any ticket booth, the Information Center or the Guest Relations Window to upgrade your Season Pass to a Gold Season Pass or Platinum Season Pass. Season Passes are not able to be upgraded online.

Why is Soak City called Soak City?

Soak City lives up to his name because everything is really wet. That includes the floors and walkways. I wore flip-flops to Soak City and immediately regretted it because not only do the bottoms of flip-flops get slippery but when your feet are wet on top of flip-flops, you can easily slip in your own shoe. I recommend getting a water shoe or water sneaker that has a tread on the bottom but also has drainage. This way you can walk all around the park without worry but your feet won’t get pruney.

How much does a cabana cost?

You can rent cabana for $245 a day on the weekend and $180 during the week. The cabana is reserved for your party the entire day.

What can you eat at the Longboards Grill?

There lots of really yummy places to eat inside of the park, like the new Longboards Grill where you can enjoy fish and chips, chicken fingers, burgers and even fresh salads.

How much does it cost to rent a floaty in the park?

You can also rent floaties or inner tubes in the park for $10 a day. And if you decide to rent a cabana, rental for 4 inner tubes is included.

Is shade at a premium in Soak City?

Shade is at a premium in Soak City, especially on sunny days. You’ll want to arrive early to grab lounge chairs in the shade. We arrived around 11 am and all of the seats had been taken.

Can you bring water bottles to soak city?

You can bring sealed bottles of water into Soak City. But you can’t bring outside Fountain drinks or other types of drinks into the park. If you’re looking to buy drinks in the park besides water, the best deal is the Knotts Berry Farm 2018 souvenir cup. With the souvenir cup you enjoy free refills the day of purchase.

What is waiter service?

Waiter service – order and get food brought to you instead of trekking to the restaurants and standing in line.