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can you farm platinum in warframe

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How to get Platinum in Warframe?

(Platinum Farming Guide) Platinum is one of the ingame currencies in Warframe and the only one that can be bought with real money. There are various methods to get the in-game currency which Warframe players will find handy. Selling prime parts, using syndicate points and the sale of corrupted mods are just some of the ways to get Platinum.

How do I farm platinum?

Both of the ways in which I farm the platinum require specific mods or warframe, but can be achieved without them. (Anyway, the mods/frames are easily obtainable). Enjoy your reading. First Method : Syndicate Farming. What do you need ? A Stealth Frame (Top List for this : Loki Ivara Limbo Ash) You can also use a Huras Kubrow or Shade .

How to get prime Warframe In Warframe?

A Prime Warframe set usually goes for over 200 Platinum and even more, depending on its popularity. You can easily farm all these Warframe parts within a couple of hours of doing void fissure missions. Prime Warframes and weapons are earned by opening Void relics. You can get these egg-like objects when you complete specific types of missions.

Is it worth it to farm for Warframe?

Even though it may seem expensive, it will prove to be worth at least 100+ plat each 3-4 days for only 90 minutes of farming each day. Once you have your syndicate at the highest rank, and the daily missions available, you’re going to pick the Warframe you will use accordingly to the mission.

How to get platinum in Warframe?

There are various methods to get the in-game currency which Warframe players will find handy. Selling prime parts , using syndicate points and the sale of corrupted mods are just some of the ways to get Platinum.

What mods are super expensive to upgrade?

Especially primed mods like Primed Continuity or Primed Flow are super expensive to upgrade with credits and Endo.

What does "short term" mean?

Short term means that you don’t want to wait and that you don’t really care that you could get more Platinum out of your sale if you waited a few days, weeks or month.

What do syndicates buy?

All syndicates let their members purchase warframes, weapon parts, special weapons and augment mods.

How many Syndicate points do you need to farm?

Farming 100.000 or 125.000 Syndicate points might take you a while (depending on how often you play and how high your Mastery Rank is), but you can easily sell those weapons for 50+ Platinum.

How to make bank with mods?

If you know what certain mods and parts are worth, you simply make bank by buying good stuff cheap and then sell it for a higher price.

How often does Baro bring new gifts?

Every two weeks Baro brings new gifts for the Tenno. If you have enough credits and Ducates, go ahead and spent it all on prisma weapons and primed mods.

What is Baro known for?

Baro is known for bringing different mods and weapons time by time, these weapons and mods have huge demand. These can be bought with ducats (currency used for exchange with Baro).

Why are vaulted primes sold?

Vaulted Primes and Relics are sold like hotcakes in the Warframe Market due to the limited availability. The simple logic is that you can’t farm them anymore from the game, so people who want to obtain it always have to buy it.

Can you get a riven in RNG?

Whenever a new prime access drops or a new weapon is added, go and unveil the riven. There are chances that you might end up getting the riven for the new weapon. This is RNG based but has a huge reward.

Is everyone buying with their own will?

Note: This is not the exploiting of the player base at all. Everyone buys with their own will, no one forces anyone. Everyone should realize that it is a free market.

How does a Riven mod work?

The way riven mods work is that each weapon has a riven disposition. Higher disposition means that a weapon is not frequently used by the player base and it also means that there is a higher chance that this riven can give insane buffs to that weapon. Buffs like +400 damage increase for example. Similarly, if a riven has a lower disposition, it probably means that this is one of the more powerful weapons frequently used by the community and will not grant a huge stat increase.

How to buy a syndicate weapon?

Once you max your standing with a syndicate, you can use all that standing to buy syndicate weapons and mods which easily sell anywhere from 20 to 40 platinum on the market. Stock up on standing and advertise everything that’s available from your three syndicates on https://warframe.market/ and purchase it only when someone contacts you. Remove the listing if your standing falls below the level you can afford weapons and mods and put them back up when you can. Advertise below price if you are in dire need of fast platinum since most players filter the market to show the lowest price first. The second most important filter would be whether you are online in the game, so change your status when necessary.

How to get platinum in Warframe?

If a prime part is rare, you can sell it for more platinum and full equipment sets sell for much more. How do you know if a prime part is rare? It’s one that has the lowest chance of being awarded to you upon completing a mission. It’s also good to once again use https://warframe.market/ for price checks and sale advertisements so you don’t need to sit and grind the trade chat forever. Sell below the lowest advertised price if you are in urgent need of platinum.

How to make a steady stream of platinum?

Another way to earn a steady stream of platinum is “quick reselling”. This means using some of your platinum (if you have any) and buying underpriced prime parts and quickly selling them again for their normal or higher price to make a profit. This can be extremely time consuming but it’s still one way to earn platinum.

How to improve chances of getting rare prime parts?

To improve chances of getting rare prime parts, be sure to refine your relics whenever you can and use the recruitment chat and run missions with people who advertise that they want to “RADSHARE” a certain relic.

Is Warframe a pay to win game?

Warframe is in no way a Pay-To-Win game. Platinum is mostly used for slots and cosmetics and can essentially help with faster mastery rank progression but there is no content wall that’s hidden behind the currency. While you can always opt to purchase platinum when frequent 50 or 75% discount are given to you as a daily log-in reward (at least to support the hard-working developers), you can also use the following methods and never spend a dime. So let’s get right into it.

Who is Hrvoje?

Hrvoje is our long-time KeenGamer and a resident reviewer of both games and hardware as well as a writer of numerous guides . When not immersed in some RPG or open-world game, he spends his days keeping a watchful eye on our tech corner as its editor.

Is Warframe A Pay To Win Game?

Platinum is the premium currency available in Warframe that you can buy with real money to purchase microtransactions in the game.

How to find parts of a warframe?

To find the parts of a Warframe you need to find the specific Void relics that contain those parts and open them by completing Void fissure missions .

How much is a prime warframe set?

A Prime Warframe set usually goes for over 200 Platinum and even more, depending on its popularity. You can easily farm all these Warframe parts within a couple of hours of doing void fissure missions.

What is Warframe Market?

Use Warframe Market: Warframe Market is a third-party website that allows players to buy and sell items without having to deal with the trade chat or having to hang around in Maroo’s Bazaar. It’s worth noting that some of the recently released standard weapons and warframes have been made tradeable.

How to get platinum in Warframe?

Method 1: Sell Prime Warframes, Weapons, & Mods. One of the most popular ways of making Platinum in Warframe is selling Prime items such as Prime Warframe parts and weapon parts through the trade chat and marketplace. A Prime Warframe set usually goes for over 200 Platinum and even more, depending on its popularity.

What is flipping in Warframe?

The concept of Flipping is buying something for cheap and selling it for a higher price for profit. Warframe Market usually has items for sale at much lower prices than what sellers ask for in trade chat. Here’s how it work: Use Warframe Market to find items for sale at low prices and buy it. Monitor the in-game Trade chat to see how much others …

How many ways to sell in Warframe?

There are 3 ways to sell items in Warframe:

How to do Orokin vault?

In order to do Orokin Vault runs, you can team up in the Recruitment Chat and equip a Dragon Key. You can go about it solo but these vaults are hidden and having three other people to search for them shortens the mission time. After you’ve collected some corrupted mods for yourself, it’s time to sell your duplicates.

What are nightmare mods?

Nightmare Mods are a classification of rare Dual Stat mods that can be highly sought after due to their stacking nature. While they aren’t as "strong" as single-mod components, the ability to stack them with other mods allows players to reach higher damage thresholds and even unlock new playstyles and builds. Farming for Nightmare mods can be a healthy way to make some Platinum, especially if players get lucky enough to snag the "right ones." Just like anything else, some Nightmare Mods are more valuable than others so it’s important to know which ones to keep an eye out for when attempting a farm like this.

How much platinum do you get for a baro ki teer?

The thing is, a lot of players will readily pay you around 5 to 10 Platinum for five "junk" or low-value prime parts. That’s because these prime parts can be liquidated into Ducats– another currency you can use for purchasing Baro Ki’teer’s items.

Why are dual stats important in Warframe?

Much like corrupted mods, dual-stat mods in Warframe are valuable because they allow you to save some mod slots in your weapons. Some of these dual-stat mods even sell higher than the best corrupted mod so they’re more lucrative to farm.

How to get dual stats without paying?

The best way to get them without paying is to keep doing tier 1, 2, and 3 Spy missions for frost and heat elements. Toxic element dual-stat mods drop from Corrupted Vor in the Void and electric dual-stat mods are sold by Baro, making them the rarest and most expensive.

What is the most expensive relic in Lua?

A lot of players will also be on the lookout for those relics especially those who are farming the latest prime warframe or weapon. Axi relics are usually the most expensive ones to sell and in order to obtain them, you just need to keep doing a Disruption mission in Lua – Apollo. This could change in future updates.

How to get platinum?

Prime parts are by far the most consistent way to earn a stream of Platinum. You don’t even have to invest in anything when selling them, just cracking open some accumulated relics will do. You also don’t even need to aim for rare or expensive prime parts though you can also sell those for higher prices.


Nice. Always appreciate information. Any chance you could upload this to steam? Can put it on faves for easy access.


Nice. Always appreciate information. Any chance you could upload this to steam? Can put it on faves for easy access.


May I also add to your syndicate guide: the telos boltace with a range mod (preferably primed reach), and the ignis, are both very good for opening crates (they can both punch through walls/obstacles). Makes for clearing a room of all crates and checking for medallions a lot faster and easier.


You can also spam short fissures (pub or solo) with the junk intact relics. Pub preferably so you get 3 other choices/RNG. Getting something good is just a bonus, sell that for plat. Otherwise just select any junk primes. Wait for baro to arrive, sell them to people buying junk primes.

How many players can you have in void relics?

Always do void relics with 4 players, cos it gives you more choice. When in doubt, pick the highest value (gold or silver).

Can you use Warframe Market to trade?

If you google Warframe Market, there are a couple of marketplace websites that you can use to arrange trades, or just to check the value of an item. Do take care though, there are a few people who will try to scam you out of valuable items.

Can you trade a prime warframe?

I personally trade complete Prime warframe and weapon sets and I’ve managed to generate plenty of platinum doing so. Just a side note here too, sometimes it can be worth holding on to a prime set until after it disappears from the available relics. Prices do fluctuate with availability after all ??

What does riven mean in mods?

Riven mods are based around the system that each reward has a riven disposition. Therefore, a higher disposition means that a weapon is quite uncommon, and therefore has a higher chance to give great buffs to you, like a damage increase. On the contrary, if a riven has a low disposition, it may correlate to a common, less powerful weapon with low to no buffs attached.

How much platinum can you get with a syndicate?

After maxing your standing with a syndicate, you can then use all the standing to buy syndicate weapons, as well as mods which can rake in profit, anywhere from 20 to 40 platinum usually, if you select the best items. If you’re currently unaware, you can use syndicate points to buy weapon parts, augment mods, as well as special weapons.

How to get syndicate points in Warframe?

Firstly, you’ll need to equip all your frames which have syndicate sigils. Once you’ve done that, simply play as you normally would, and you’ll be earning syndicate standing with a faction. After quite a lot of intense Warframe farming, the syndicate points will stop accumulating at your daily cap, but you can increase this daily cap as you increase your mastery rank, then head back to the Warframe farming.

How many syndicate points can you farm in a week?

For example, if you’re able to farm around 100,000 syndicate points a week, you can quite easily sell those items for a lot of platinum. So, if you’re maximizing both your syndicates, you can get about 2 items per week, resulting in hundreds upon hundreds of platina per month.

How to get relics in Warframe?

First, has got to be relics. You should be aware which prime parts are currently in vogue and not vaulted and find out how do some Warframe farming in order to get them. The players in Warframe would be happy to give you a chunk of platinum for some blueprints, as well as random parts and items. In order to accumulate some relics, we prefer doing endless missions, as well as Tenno Zone. Simply jump into any 20-minute survival, or 20 wave defense to get yourself a few relics. After some Warframe farming, you’ll eventually get your hands on some valuable relics.

Can you get a riven for platinum farming?

Additionally, you could always just buy veiled riven mods and hold onto them for your platinum farming. Whenever a new weapon, or new prime access drops, you can go and unveil the riven mod. In doing so, there’s a change you can get lucky and get a riven for the new weapon that’s released.

Can you buy platinum in Warframe?

Warframe is a free-to-play game with an inbuilt currency called ‘Platinum.’. As a Warframe player, you could either choose to buy platinum with real life money, or you could make it yourself in-game. So, if you’re wondering how to farm platinum in Warframe, we’ve got you covered!

How to get platinum in Warframe?

Unlike most free-to-play games, Warframe allows players to earn its premium currency by trading with other players. Those who want to obtain Platinum without spending a dime can do so by trading items with other players. You can also use the trading system to purchase items you want, including Prime items, Relics, Mods, and even Liches.

What is the credit tax in Dojo?

Trades that occur in a Clan Dojo can apply a Credit Tax that goes towards the Clan, the value being up to the discretion of the Clan in question. The game sets a Clan’s Trade Tax to 5% by default, although you can alter this from 0-100%. This does not remove the Credit Tax implicit with trading items.

What is corrupted mod?

Corrupted Mods and Syndicate Items are solid items to sell if you’re newer. Corrupted Mods are easy to farm, and Syndicate Reputation is acquired passively. Once you have enough Syndicate rep, purchase an Augment Mod or Syndicate weapon. Good Corrupted Mods and most Syndicate items can be sold for around 10-20 Platinum.

Can you trade with people on Mars?

Yes. Head to Maroo’s Bazaar, located on Mars. Hold the Gear button, then select "Open Shop." Anyone interested in purchasing your items can interact with your character. If you’re trading via trade chat or a third-party website, invite them to the Bazaar and state where you’re located.

Who is Charles Burgar?

Charles Burgar is an expert on all things tech and gaming. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant.

Can you trade if you have two factor authentication?

You cannot trade unless two-factor authentication is enabled on your account.

Can you trade in Warframe?

Surprisingly, you can trade most items in Warframe. Most of the game’s important items—Platinum, Prime parts, Relics, Arcanes, Mods, and Companion Imprints—can be traded between players. When you start discussing weapons and resources, things get much muddier.

How do slots affect gameplay?

Slots directly influence gameplay by allowing for a player to keep different weapons and warframes in order to create different sets. If a player has filled all of their weapon/warframe slots, they will have to buy a slot or sell one of their weapons/warframes for credits to free up a slot.

What is platinum in Warframe?

Platinum. is an in-game currency which can be bought with real world currency or by trading with other players. It comes in packs of various quantities and they can be purchased on the Official Warframe Website (requires login) . Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

How much is a platinum note?

Notes. One Platinum is equal to 6.7 cents or 0.067 dollars (US Currency), and 5.7 pence or 0.057 pounds (UK/British currency). Platinum can be traded (excluding the Player’s starting Platinum or Platinum earned from giveaways) with other Players for certain items or traded directly, with Credit taxes.

Does Warframes have a payment system?

The game uses an optional payment system: almost all weaponry and warframes can be earned in game (everything other than Founder-exclusive items and event, retired, or prime items). However, with platinum, the grind to obtain weapon and warframe blueprints and their resources is circumvented.

When did the founders program end?

See Founders for more information. Note that the Founder’s program ended November 1, 2013.

Can you deduct free platinum in the market?

When buying items with Platinum in the Market, the game will deduct from " free" Platinum (starter Platinum or from giveaways) first before using bought/traded Platinum.

Does the drop meter on a trading card have discounts?

The amount fulfilled on the Trading Card drop meter is affected by discounts and will only progress the meter with the final price, which includes discounts, rather than the base price.