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Tag: Can you make a cuddly animal cake

how to make a farm animal cake

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What size is a farm animal cake?

Here are some Top Farm Animal Cakes to get you ready for deep-fried food, carnival games and plenty of farm animals, of course! This is a 6, 9 cake covered with fondant. The animals and decorations are gumpaste. This is a copy of a cake designed by Sandra’s Cakes….

Can you make a cuddly animal cake?

Cute cuddly animals as a cake? Make it happen with some help with these ideas from Wilton. Farm and woodland animals make these cakes come alive and will create a special memory for anyone who gets a piece of these unique treats! Shark Cake is Here!

How do you make a barn out of a cake?

Decorate square cake to make barn (step 3); decorate cupcakes to make 4 chicks, 4 sheep and 4 pigs (steps 4, 5, 6). Barn: Trim 1 side of square cake to form roof of barn; place cake near top of tray with roof at top of tray. Spread thin layer of red frosting over entire cake to seal in crumbs. Refrigerate or freeze cake 30 to 60 minutes.

How many pages of templates are in this farm animals cake?

This PDF document has 6 pages of templates to help you make this cute farm animals cake. Page 1 has a side view and a top view of the cake, however, it is not true size and it is just to be used as a guide for arrangement of the elements. Page 2 can be used to cut out templates/stencils for the barn and the fences.

Step 1: Getting It Ready

1. I used the top part of a big shoe box, and covered it in aluminum foil. Set this aside
2. Level the cakes by running a knife parallel to the table over the top of the cake.
3. Cut the cakes in half, like in the picture
4. Put one half of one of the cakes on the base.
5. Use a big, round frosting tip.

Step 2: Make the Roof of the Barn

Cut the remaining half into two parts, one part that is about 2/3 of the remainder and the other about 1/3.

Step 3: Fondant

Put the fondant on a paper plate and microwave on 7/10 power for 10 seconds to soften it.
Cover where you are going to work with wax paper, held down by masking tape.
If the fondant starts sticking, sprinkle a little powdered sugar on the surface.
Knead the fondant until it is soft.
Mix in red food coloring.

Step 4: Piping

Remove the tip from that first frosting bag and replace it with a smaller circular tip.
Slowly and carefully pipe lines along the edges of the barn.
Pipe a door and lines going across, like barn doors.

Step 5: Candy Clay

Melt 1 bag (1 pound) of candy melts in the microwave: To do this, put them in a microwaveable container and microwave them at 7/10 power for 30 second intervals, stirring after each one until it is fully melted.
When they are melted, mix a third cup of corn syrup into the melted chocolate. Mix well.
Let cool for 2 1/2 hours, until room temperature.

Step 6: Make the Piggy

Split the pink clay you made for the pig into:
4 legs
1 head
2 ears
1 snout
1 curly tail
1 body
Stick half toothpicks into the legs and arrange them into a square.
Stick the body on top of the legs.
stick a whole toothpick into the head, leaving a little bit sticking out of the front and a lot sticking out in the back.
Stick the back of the head into the body.
Use a little bit of extra pink and roll it into a scarf shape for the neck.

Step 7: Cows

I made two of these, one bigger than the other.
(Instructions for one cow)
Separate the white clay into:
1 head (Shaped like a sphere with a square cow snout)
4 legs (3 if you want one leg to be black)
2 ears (or 1 if you want one white/ one black, or 0 if you want both ears to be black)
1 body
Separate the black clay into:
Miscellaneous spots (about 1/8 of an inch thick)
Any of the body parts listed above that you want to be black.


Antonia74 Royal Icing. Edible marker. Pics to resemble party invitation for my daughter’s 4th birthday.


This is not an original idea and it wasn’t for a child …. it was copied directly out of the Wilton 2009 Yearbook and it was for a…


Cake inspired by mother-to-be’s pictures for the nursery. Animal scenes hand cut from modeling chocolate. Cake covered in modeling…


Farm Animal Cookie favors made with the NFSC recipe and Antonia74 Royal Icing!!


Dark chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow frostig and Mini-Marshmallows as Sheep wool. Head is made out of marzipan.


Did this for a university student’s Portugese class presentation, hope she did well! It’s a hand-cut 14" cookie. It took the full 24 hours…


And last but not least…the third set of cupcakes for a 1º Birthday party…

13 Doggie Cake

Easier than it looks because there’s just a long round or rectangular cake under all that icing fur.

15 Armadillo Cake

Don’t forget, the innards must be made of red velvet cake (a la Steel Magnolias).

17 Penguin Cake

Do you know of Pingu? I would so make this cake because I love that crazy penguin.

19 Kitty Cake

Anyone should be able to produce this special little cake. You could even use a store bought pound or fruit cake and just decorate it.

20 Cat Cake

He looks kinda scary and hard to make. I think I prefer the previous cat cake.

28 Teddy Bear Cake

I once made a pottery figure of a bear and his fur came from pushing clay through a sieve. I wonder if the same technique is used here.

31 Caterpillar Cake

Change the front end and you could easily make it into a serpent cake.

Farm animal cupcakes: Step 1

To make this cupcake recipe, heat the oven to 180?C/ 350?F/Gas 4. Beat together the eggs, vanilla, caster sugar, margarine, and flour.

Farm animal cupcakes: Step 2

Line a bun tin with paper cake cases, and half fill each case with the cake mixture.

Farm animal cupcakes: Step 3

Bake for 18–20 minutes. When done, the cakes will rise up, turn golden in colour, and spring back when pressed.

Farm animal cupcakes: Step 4

For the icing, beat the butter until creamy. Gradually beat in the icing sugar. Then beat in the water. If you’re making the pigs add a few drops of red or pink food colouring for pink icing.

Farm animal cupcakes: Step 5

To make the marshmallow sheep, spread a thick layer of butter icing over the top of the cupcakes.

Farm animal cupcakes: Step 6

Stick on marshmallows – large for heads, halved for ears, and mini ones for woolly coats. Use writing icing for glue.

Farm animal cupcakes: Step 7

To make puppy cakes, stick biscuit ears on icing and use chocolate buttons and sweets for eyes and noses.