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Tag: Can you wear costumes to Knotts Scary Farm

do they sell alcohol at knotts scary farm

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Do they sell alcohol at Knott’s Scary Farm?Yes, beer and wine are available at select locations inside the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park for guests ages 21 and older with a valid Driver’s License. photo by Knott’s What can you bring into Scary Farm? Outside food or beverages are not allowed at Knott’s.

What is Knott’s Scary Farm?

Knott’s Scary Farm is the most terrifying Halloween event of the SoCal theme park Halloween season. The Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt was the original theme park Halloween event in the early 1970s that launched them all.

When do tickets for Knott’s Scary Farm go on sale?

Tickets for Knott’s Scary Farm 2022 tickets usually go on sale mid-August. You’ll find a variety of ticket options, plus hotel packages that include admission. The prices vary based on the date and have additional taxes and fees.

Can I bring my kids to Knott’s Spooky farm?

If you have little ones, we recommend you bring them instead to the kid-friendly Halloween festivities at Knott’s Spooky Farm. Knott’s Spooky Farm is a daytime event for children ages 3 to 11. It is included with regular admission to Knott’s Berry Farm. You can buy discounted daytime Knott’s Berry Farm tickets from your favorite frogs right here.

Can you wear costumes to Knott’s Scary Farm?

Costumes, masks, and face painting are not allowed at Scary Farm. Clothing generally considered offensive including profanity, suggestive pictures or pictures of illegal substances on clothing are prohibited.

What does Knott’s Scary Farm determine?

Knott’s Scary Farm will determine, in its sole discretion, if customer conduct is deemed inappropriate.

Can you get a refund for Knott’s Scary Farm?

No refunds are available for Knott’s Scary Farm. Tickets are only valid for the date they are purchased on. If you purchased tickets for the incorrect date or the incorrect type of ticket, please repurchase the correct tickets and we will refund the original order. Once the new order has been placed, please provide the confirmation number that needs to be refunded and the new confirmation number by completing a Contact Us form.

Is there an age limit for the sandbox?

There is no age minimum for the event. However, this event is recommended for mature audiences only and not recommended for children under 13. There are no refunds for this event. Please note, that all guests, regardless of age, need to have their own paid admission ticket. This also includes children in strollers and under the age of 3.

Can you drink beer at the park?

Yes, beer and wine are available at select locations inside the park for guests ages 21 and older with a valid Driver’s License.

Can you re-entries at the park?

Re-entries are not permitted. Once you leave the park, you will not be able to renter.

How often do you refill a souvenir bottle at All Day Dining?

Enjoy an entree & side, or a snack, as often as every 90 minutes throughout the day. Scan your souvenir bottle for refill as often as every 15 minutes.

How often do you get a wristband at all day dining?

Guests with All Day Dining will receive a wristband at any of the participating locations and enjoy an entree and side as often as every 90 minutes! Drinks are not included. However, we offer a Souvenir Bottle online at the best price available.

How often does All Day Dining Premium refill?

Guests with All Day Dining Premium will receive a wristband valid for a select entrée & side, or snack, as often as every 90 minutes at participating locations and a souvenir bottle valid for FREE refills on refreshing Coca-Cola beverages every 15 minutes all day long. Plus, pay only $1 (tax included) for each refill when you visit again during the season.

What is the name of the soda at the Calico Saloon?

Available exclusively at the Calico Saloon is the Calico Soda . Watch as your bartender handcrafts a boysenberry cream soda right in front of your eyes using a Knott’s Berry Farm secret recipe. Each Calico Soda is served in a souvenir mason jar for you to keep!

What do cowpokes drink?

Adults can find alcoholic beverages including beer and wine, while younger cowpokes may fancy a sarsaparilla or boysenberry punch. Be sure to ask your bartender about any “signature” drinks!

What is all season dining?

All Season Dining includes lunch and dinner at participating locations throughout the park every time you visit during the season.

Does the All Season Dining Plan include drinks?

When you purchase the All Season Dining Plan, it will be automatically added to your Season Pass. Simply present your pass at any participating location. You’ll enjoy lunch and dinner at the park, with a 4 hour interval between each meal. Drinks are not included but we do offer a separate Souvenir Bottle online at the best price available.

How many mazes are there in 2019?

There were two new mazes in 2019. The other seven were continuing mazes, carried over from the previous year (kind of like that recurring nightmare you can’t escape), along with a few new horrors and effects.

How many scare zones are there in Knott’s Scary Farm?

If you fear the monsters, it’s as if they can smell your fear and they will target you. There were four scare zones in Knott’s Scary Farm in 2019 (perhaps some will re-emerge from grave): Forsaken Lake — This expanded and sinister scare zone oozes into a larger area of the park this year.

How much is Knott’s Scary Farm Pass?

Here’s a look at 2019 tickets and options: Single night (as low as $43 online at least 24 hours in advance). Knott’s Scary Farm Pass ($100) with unlimited access to all 26 nights. It is usually available while supplies last, and, in July, it is already listed as "sold out!".

What are the rules for Halloween 2021?

While there is no hard list of rules, we expect there will be mandatory face coverings and physical distancing in 2021. it’s good to practice some good conduct and common sense. Arrive early because parking traffic can be a living nightmare. Leave costume masks at home and leave the scare tactics to the scare actors. No touching! Scare actors are not allowed to touch you, and you are not allowed to touch or mistreat them. However, some creatures may get pretty close and snort or blow in your ear for extra creeps. Avoid flash photography. No line jumping. Enter Knott’s Scary Farm at your own risk — there are no refunds or re-entry. Most of all, enjoy yourself at the original Halloween theme park event that started them all!

How early can you enter the Boo Fet?

If you have tickets to the Boo-fet, you can enter 30 minutes early. But otherwise, the event starts at 7 p.m. If you arrive early, you’ll be let inside but only up to a certain point cut off by a rope. Once the event starts, you’ll be able to access the rest of the park.

What is the main event of Carnevil?

CarnEVIL — The freak show is the main event of this demented circus. No clowning around here.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Is Knott’s Berry Farm open during Knott’s Scary Farm?

Knott’s Berry Farm is open during the daytime from 10AM – 5PM (depending on the day). You can get separate Knotts Discount Tickets should you wish to enjoy Knott’s during the daytime as well or if you are visiting Knott’s Spooky Farm with the kids. Knott’s Spooky Farm is Knott’s theme park turned spooktacular for the Halloween season filled with Halloween activities geared for kids ages 3 to 11.

Do they sell alcohol at Knott’s Scary Farm?

Yes, beer and wine are available at select locations inside the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park for guests ages 21 and older with a valid Driver’s License.

How much is Knotts Scary Farm?

Get your Knotts Scary Farm Discount Tickets just $33 – $55 VS. $84 and visit the largest and most haunting Halloween experience in Southern California on select nights between September 19 – November 2, 2019.

How many creatures are there in Knott’s Haunt?

Knott’s Halloween Haunt will feature unique haunted mazes and attractions, sinister shows and more than 1,000 horrifying creatures lurking in the fog and hiding in every corner of the park.

What is considered offensive clothing?

Clothing generally considered offensive including profanity, suggestive pictures or pictures of illegal substances on clothing are prohibited. For guest safety, shirts, shorts/pants and shoes must be worn at all times, including entering and leaving the park.

When is Knott’s Scary Farm open?

Knott’s Scary Farm will operate from Thursdays to Sundays between September 16 – October 31, 2021. Rain or Shine.

Is flash lighting allowed in Knott’s Scary Farm?

Flashlights, including phone lights, are prohibited throughout Knott’s Scary Farm.