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a career in farming might be found in

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  • What are the career opportunities in agriculture?

  • There are lots of career opportunities and the agricultural industry is desperate to attract more skilled workers who can meet the demands of the work that needs to be done. If you pursue a career in this area, you will most likely be focusing your efforts on arable (crops) or pastoral (livestock) farming.

  • What skills do you need to work on a farm?

  • Desirable skills in this category include knowledge of operation and maintenance of farm equipment, problem solving, basic agricultural knowledge (that you can get from us here at AgGrad), ability to work independently, strong work ethic, and management and communication skills.

  • Is farmfarm manager a good job?

  • Farm manager is one of the highest-paying agriculture careers, but it comes with a lot of hard work and responsibility. One day you may be outside in the sunshine, inspecting crops and taking soil samples, and the next you鈥檒l be in an office checking market prices, negotiating sales to a food processing plant and creating financial reports.

  • What are the most 鈥渋n demand鈥?AG jobs?

  • There are various ways we could measure the most 鈥淚n Demand鈥?Ag jobs, but we have chosen to base this list off of a few criteria such as: statistics posted online, job board postings, and conversations with people in industry. As a result of this research, here are AgGrad鈥檚 Top 7 鈥淚n Demand鈥?Ag Jobs: 1. Ag Retail Sales.

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