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how do i start a cashew farm

how do i start a cashew farm插图

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If you want to grow your cashew trees from seeds you can start them inpots or put them straight in the ground. Keep them moist and they should sprout within four or five days.

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  • How to start a cashew farming business?

  • Cashew farming will need you to have a commercial unit for the cultivation. The area for cashew plantation first needs to be plowed and then leveled. The cost of commercial land for cashew production depends on the area and location. The land needs to be prepared before the farming of the crop.

  • How do you grow cashews from seed?

  • To grow cashews, start by planting cashew seeds in a sunny, outdoor area with sandy soil. Then, water the seeds once per week as they grow, and support them with stakes in the ground once they get too tall to hold themselves up.

  • How many years does it take to grow cashews?

  • Harvesting, Yield, and Marketing of Cashew: In Cashew Farming, cashew plants start bearing after three years of planting and reach full bearing during the tenth year and continue giving remunerative yields for another 20 years. The cashew nuts are harvested during February 鈥?May.

  • How are cashew nuts farmed?

  • Cashew farming is carried out usually at high temperatures. Mild summers are a great time to do the farming of cashews. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures can cause the young plants to frost. On the other hand, exposure to a temperature above 35 degrees Celsius for a long period of time can affect the fruit retention.

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