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how to make money from cassava farming in nigeria

how to make money from cassava farming in nigeria插图

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  • How to grow cassava farming in Nigeria?

  • Depending on the situation of the soil, you may need fertilizer to boost the production of your cassava farming in Nigeria Fertilizer should be applied at about 8 weeks of planting your cassava and it should be a ring, 6 cm wide and 10 cm from the plant or spread with care around the cassava plants.

  • Which country is the largest producer of cassava in Africa?

  • With the uses of cassava and its product increasing exponentially cassava farming is become more lucrative with Nigeria being the largest producer of cassava in the world.

  • What are the best business opportunities in farming in Nigeria?

  • 5) Cassava farming; this is another mega Crop farming and production business opportunity in Nigeria that you should utilize.

  • How can I improve the fertility of my cassava farm?

  • If you did not find a fertile land for your cassava plantation, take these steps to improve the nutrients in the soil; Add organic or manure or Inorganic fertilizers such as NPK to your farm. Practices mulching; (Mulch cassava seedbeds) this involves covering the soil surface with plant materials.

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